Especially in current computer games often take a decision on pleasure or frustration of the user: the graphics card. Without a reasonably current copy with 3D accelerator and the fastest computer in the games is hardly useful. Often the software the user even rejected completely the operation, used if the graphics chip or graphics memory do not meet at least moderate demands. Usually a distinction is made between high-end graphics cards available, medium and low-end. High-end cards promise the user with an unclouded even in the most demanding games visual experience, but also presuppose a well-filled wallet.

These top models are currently be had for around 400-500 : A purchase that should be carefully considered, since there is usually no later than after half a year after release of the next generation of graphics chips, the prices will fall by almost half. In addition, let the heat and noise of the top models are often left to own preferences. It after some time models appear from specialized producers, with special heat sinks for better heat exchange and provide a particularly quiet gaming experience. Good advice is therefore often the user with a model of the upper middle class. Who can wait 6-12 months and have decided only after the release of the next generation of cards for a former high-end model, is usually on the safe side.

Besides a better price-performance ratio is spared by the user over time, improved driver support from the many flaws that the buyer of a brand-card can often take your last nerve. An overview of the various models and the current prices in the market for graphics cards and computer hardware do not least, the price-comparison portals on the Internet. Here the customer can compare offers, promotions and information is often also based on the experiences of users on the value and reliability of a product.