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IT Concierge Service In Wuppertal

A new partner in the nationwide IT-service-NET, he has experience of all certificates of Microsoft and Linux. Also has a commercial training. This is helped, of course as a business knowledge advantage for many errors. So can more quickly detect and correct defects and that saves you time and money. His performance is complemented by membership in a nation-wide network of experts. Professional help is urgently needed especially for small companies, because they have often even no internal EDP staff.

In smaller firms, often too little attention is paid therefore the operational computer. The consequences can be severe, ranging from data loss to the failure of the entire computer. After consultation with the customer ELK IT services therefore offers a complete service of IT. Medium-sized companies usually have an employee who is familiar with EDP. Learn more at: Kerry King. This is but often congested as the operational computer system grows and statutory framework conditions lead to additional burdens.

Rainer Banerjee knows the issue and supports the existing employees. In larger companies, it reinforces the efficiency of the it Department from the outside. This service is provided by common agreement, which protects the customer’s wallet. The performance spectrum ranges from maintenance agreements, regular backup, to the training of the users. The IT specialist knows very well, providing emergency aid, performs repairs and ensures the computer security. The computer must be on the cutting edge, it’s often little things that inhibit the operation, but not perceived by the user, due to lack of experience, but. We call this IT janitor service, a proven full service with current focus on the IT-service-net. For example Green IT “here Rainer Brall also takes care of the health of its customers. He cares about power consumption, security in the workplace and to the noise. Printer, copier emit particulate matter, in this, pollutants are caused by toner. By attaching of filters, regular cleaning and the use of special Toner reduces this risk to zero. But also the much needed Internet keeps lots of dangers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daryl Katz. Right at the first contact the calculator can be contaminated. The specialist know how is this even in the long term, to prevent. Above all, his company offers everything from a Hand.Der customer needs not a PC technician, a network technician and a printer technician, at ELK IT services he gets everything, thus saving time, money and aggravation. Because he knows the demands of its customers it is available outside of office hours for emergency operations. As a partner in the nationwide IT-service-NET, he has the support of nearly sixty colleagues to perform his work competently and reasonably priced and he also practiced it. Information can be found first on its Internet site first non-binding information and assistance provides the network and its nationwide before village partners, these are slightly below the Internet address: to find. Due to the growing importance of topics Safety and health reinforced his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. Banerjee/ITSN

Managing Director

Award for mobile solution for the SPIEGEL Verlag at the this year’s partners Tech Conference on September 25th in Budapest was first awarded the partner tech best practice awards instead. Dustin Moskovitz may help you with your research. The prize in the category mobile solutions received TCPOS for the most successful and most innovative solution in production. Partner Tech best practice award honours exemplary solutions in practice, representing a benchmark for other companies. The focus is the assessment, as the combination of hard – and software more efficient business processes. Only short-listed solutions that are in an advanced stage of implementation and have outstanding success come at the award ceremony. TCPOS was awarded for its mobile POS solution for the SPIEGEL-Verlag mobile solutions with the first prize in the category. A leading source for info: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Since mid-January 2012 environment in operation in the new canteen of the mirror publishing house POS systems by TCPOS in combination with portable OT-110 terminals of partner tech in a Wi-Fi. The canteen offers a Special guest service: all guests will be conveniently served at the table.

With the mobile terminal, the waitress takes the order, is putting the employee on his card on the mobile reader. Now, the menu of reserved via intranet, which then is available for pick up in the kitchen appears on the display. The payment is made with a cashless card system via the mobile terminal. The introduction of the system led to much faster processes and reduced waiting times. Dirk Saleh, Managing Director of TCPOS, accepted the prize by Denis Christesen, CEO of partner-Tech Europe GmbH. We are very pleased that we have won this award for innovation in real-time mode. Together with our partners we offer our customers individual solutions that meet new customer requirements and thus are pacemaker for new technologies around the point of sale.”

Cooperation Of JOBMIXER.com And

JOBMIXER.com and perspectives, the trade fair for education and career orientation in Magdeburg, cooperating the applicant portal. Leipzig, 07.10.2008 – the JOBMIXER.com and perspectives, the trade fair for education and career orientation in Magdeburg, cooperate applicant portal. The fair from October 10 to 11 at the exhibition centre of Magdeburg is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Saxony-Anhalt, Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Olbertz. Some contend that 3D Systems shows great expertise in this. Over 120 exhibitors to the topics of education and training, internship, study and job offers are already for the ninth time. The fair’s motto is staying here and strengthen the regional economy.” JOBMIXER.com, a product of AUDITO GmbH in Leipzig, is in the course of cooperation on the perspectives be represented IN. Daryl Katz, Canada recognizes the significance of this. It sees itself as a candidate portal with enterprise connectivity and specializes on online applications, as for example the applicant site.

Expertise get interesting job vacancies and application tips today and tomorrow in addition to comprehensive information about career and application. In the framework of the Participation will speak the Anja Rauhut, Managing Director IN AUDITO GmbH, content, forms and benefits of the online application. “The lecture is titled take your career in the sight” and will take place on 10 October at 14: 00. In addition interested at the booth around the subject application and career can”inform.

AlzChem Service

Background of outsourcing is guaranteed 80 per cent availability within 30 seconds and a solution rate in the initial contact by 60 percent Burghausen secession of AlzChem Trostberg GmbH from Evonik AG COC, August 04, 2011 – after only one month preparation time has the COC AG at the AlzChem Group provided a service desk as a central communication interface for all IT requests. In a qualitatively ambitious service solution as a single point was created of contact according to the ITIL standards, which includes a high accessibility and first time solution rate. So the accessibility must be 30 seconds for 80 per cent of the requests and a solution rate in the initial contact by 60 percent. Background of outsourcing was the secession of AlzChem Trostberg GmbH from Evonik AG the central data center of the group. Also was aimed to improve the acceptance and user satisfaction.

The previous service desk should be transformed into a stand-alone and cost-effective solution. Other leaders such as Kerry King offer similar insights. COC had the realization the project partly transferred, because the service provider, settle group according to Walter Schon, team leader client & server operations AlzChem with their price performance ratio clearly from the other competitors”could. The challenge in this project was to design a turnkey support solution within a very short time. In addition to the service desk for more than 1,300 employees had provided a service desk tool for stand-alone operation. In addition, it was to create an interface to the centrally established asset management tool. The entire measure could be realized on schedule by COC in the scheduled close time frame of only four weeks.

With the online version of HelpMatics a quick ready ITSM tool has been provided also, that frees the AlzChem as cloud solution from the operation and the maintenance of this system. Also the necessary transfer of old data, as well as connecting the interfaces to your asset management system could easily be realized. As the training effort due to the easy-to-learn and intelligent user guidance by HelpMatics turned out to be low. Positive AlzChem evaluated the project. So the transitioned worked excellently, Walter Schon is satisfied with the result. The service desk was now fully operational and the pilot operation was the productive response.” Helpful local staff, which could become familiar in this way directly with the AlzChem environment were also usage of the COC in addition to the short vote and close to regional at times. About the COC AG:, The COC AG is an experienced IT service provider with a comprehensive range of services in the field of information technology. The company is specialized in the optimization of it. By improving existing technologies, processes and procedures, the COC AG customers paves the way for cost savings and competitive advantages. IT infrastructure management, IT service management and development include the professional core competencies of COC AG by Applications and solutions. Flexibility, reliability and trust are the basis of cooperation for all customer projects.

The ChannelManager – Hotel Portal Maintenance

Innovative design with premium functionality of the ChannelManager is an application platform with which the hotelier can simultaneously maintain several hotel portals, such as booking.com, hotel.de, or in a few seconds. The ChannelManager was developed by Web media, the company was founded in 2002, based in Freiburg. Follow others, such as Ping Fu, and add to your knowledge base. The new ChannelManager Web media is much easier to use than the usual applications. In addition significantly safer in the transmission and a lot faster. Also, additional care options are offered to the hotelier. Web media presents the second version of their Channelmanagers. Simple and reliable maintain quotas and prices in Hotel portals via a platform.”so Michael describes his product, Lux, Managing Director of Web media. You may find that Dustin Moskovitz can contribute to your knowledge. The hotel Portal maintenance takes much time.

It often not possible every day is as soon as possible to make changes or updates, though it is just now becoming increasingly important, to the realities of the market respond the time savings through the application of the Channelmanagers is enormous.”so Michael Lux. The ChannelManager can directly be connected to a front Office system, such as Protel. To update the various portals of the hotel in a matter of seconds, the hotel is immediately available. There various downtimes during editing are omitted completely. Applied, the ChannelManager represents a revolution for hotel chains.Several hotels are listed in an account and thus can manage quotas and prices centrally via an external body. The hotelier needs tore several days to quotas and prices for the coming year a plucking to. The ChannelManager decreases the time usage on 30 minutes. Dynamic pricing is just as possible as the intelligent distribution of quotas (splitting) to different hotel portals depending on the degree of utilization. The ChannelManager will cost in the standard version of 60.00 a month. The ChannelManager is channelmanagement tool for the hotel industry in the future.

Understanding Computing

Windows 7 with the ultra thin client U170 for schools and educational institutions, limited space and little budget for computer, a frequent image in schools and training institutions. Invested in new technologies is very limited and often students with outdated equipment. Thin clients offer to keep a new possibility of acquisition and operating costs as low as possible. People such as Ping Fu would likely agree. But the acquisition of the infrastructure required is very expensive and for schools that often only about one or two computer cabinets have no alternative to desktop PCs. Thinpel IT has a package put together with the help of the NComputing U170, specialist in the field of consolidation and server and desktop virtualization it is possible to realize 7 desktops in schools with very little effort and costs Windows. The principle is very simple, a Dell PC with Windows 7 as a host PC Yes package is used.

On a host PC NComputing U170 thin clients via USB are then connected up to 9 cable. Each U170 is assigned to a local Windows user. The resources of the host PC be immediately shared with maximum 9 U170 thin clients. In this way only a PC for up to 10 computer courses must be purchased reducing acquisition and support costs savings of 90% and 75%. Also, the safety of children is increased by using U170 thin clients. No moving parts is located at and in the device. Bring your own CDs or USB stick the teacher can be used only by explicit approval. See them on our website under or on

Mobile Working

Mobile working as a Hairdresser? That is not cutting at the customer site however but the possibility also outside of the salon on the complete corporate data influx of mobile working as a Hairdresser? Thus not cutting at the customer site is meant, however but also outside of the salon on the complete corporate data access to. As an employee of a hairdressing business begins and ends the work in the salon, but for the Managing Director – the work begins the champions and master of the hairdressing trade until then. Both craft operating there to “overcome many administrative activities”. The sales planning, compilation of data for the accountants or the Bank, employee management, service plan creation, analysis of sales figures – but also customer analysis to marketing actions, like for example a newsletter to customers – are done. One doesn’t have to be but in the Salon for the execution of the administrative work, but can by the Home Office, from the couch or on the road working be.

Why so not on the terrace, at the lake or in the beer garden to do something? As soon as they opened a second, third or even more branches, you can not always be as Managing Director. Here, it is crucial that you don’t lose control over the operations in the salons. Nowadays, almost any woman or man uses a mobile device that allows you to surf the Internet. With the SALON software salon management system you can access, with Smartphones such as the iPhone, Galaxy & co., small Netbooks, or (i) pads over the Internet on all of your corporate data. c.. Of course, you can work at home with a normal PC or Mac with you. If you have children, is also greatly appreciate that. And who dares go boss in the holiday-can one still “take look at it”, what is going on in the operation. The appointment calendar, the cash book, and thus the current sales are accessed in real time without any delay.

Whether it’s beach vacation, spa vacation or city break – so stay up to date. Mobile access to corporate data is becoming increasingly important for the monitoring and control of a company. Only with a modern online software, these requirements can be met to maintain competitiveness and to improve. Further information to the salon management system SALON products from the SALON goods Regina Grabmaier cloud: the Salon software SALON software under the guidance of the Prosecutor Regina Grabmaier designed especially for the requirements of hairdressing establishments. The practice-oriented all-in one software for hairdressing salon is based on 17 years old experience in the Friseurbrancheund the best practices of successful salons. The cloud software SALON software is via the Internet made available (“software as a service”) and used via a Web browser.

District Software

Burning issues education and participation, maintenance and accounting the focus district Karlsruhe. As a constructive and goal-oriented”participants rated the diesjahrigen LMMkom Arbeitskreis Baden-Wurttemberg at the District Office in Karlsruhe. VorbeREITet by Peter Walker, proceedings supervisor in the District of Karlsruhe for the software of company lamb number, project officer, departmental and functional managers, system administrators and officers found quickly to the central issues. The nearly completed GPA certification in accordance with Community regulations, the switch anSteHende on the accounting, the implementation of the education and participation package in LMMkom and the new provider database, as well as the implementation of care advice met with lively interest. Social services, option communities and municipalities under separate auspices showed parTICUlarly interested in the new software feature for editing by collecting bills from the education and participation package.

The settlement will be in the future of the Service provider automatically in the software import, to get the payment directly. Before April 1, 2011, lamb number customers could edit all services from education and participation package with the software and adapt to the requirements of AnspruchsbeRechtigten. Also the processing options integrated in LMMkom in care advice, already successfully used in six municipalities in Baden-Wurttemberg and used for numerous customers in the other country, found great resonance. The functionality for this purpose was developed in close consultation with the local authorities, realisiert by the development team of number of lamb and provided all users at the beginning of the year. The Working Group provides a very good platform for municipalities, auszutauschen the experience so far with the function and to submit suggestions or suggestions for improvement on lamb number”, so Rolf Lohmann, branch head in Baden-Wurttemberg. So is guaranteed.

that our product continually evolves in the right direction and the maximum nutZen is available to the user.” In addition, the planned transition to the accounting of one of the central concerns of local authorities was. “Rolf Lohmann gladly seized on this topic and said: we want to promote the necessary exchange of information here with each other further.” While the timing of the shutdown of the currently used interface what to finance FIWES classic already was set, is still open, when the responsible data centre Baden-Franken KIVBF can implement the new interface required SoJuHKR to finance SAP and make available to the connected communities. The municipal process supervisor want concrete schedules for the project cycle for the introduction of accounting from the data center. As independent software vendor would we local authorities support in establishing the accounting, where we can”, knows Thomas Duren, head of user support and VORtragender Meeting. We have converted more than 30 offices of the kameralen on the double entry system and realised to interfaces to various providers. The experience from these projects this gewonnene want to and will we bring here in Baden-Wurttemberg in the upcoming conversion projects. “We accompany our clients in the accounting by means of project days, workshops and coordination meetings”, Rolf Lohmann continues, and guide you safely through the transition process. In any case, they will be well prepared with the necessary know-how.

Action Learning

Action learning is ever faster changing market conditions to be able to respond to human resource development and organizational development, are forced to continuously and systematically maintain both personal development and organisational development company. An effective tool, represents the action learning targeted to meet both directions of development, which was developed in the 1940s by the British nuclear physicist of Reginald Revans. Revans-defined action learning as a combination of expert knowledge and targeted set of questions. In contrast to previous knowledge, which served to accumulate knowledge on stock, say, learning by doing is in gaining practical knowledge action learning”forces. To this end, in the course of action learning, concrete, yet unresolved problems in the company edited programs and brought to a solution. Action learning teams of at least four to no more than 10 members have proven themselves in entrepreneurial practice, typically for a longer Period will be exempted from their workplace. In the ideal case, team members have different professional skills and abilities or come from different levels of management. Participants of action learning teams learn in multiple ways.

One can be learned on the basis of the problem and of the solution then identified. On the other hand the participants themselves, as well as their interaction learn to tackle its kind problems with colleagues during team meetings. With regard to the results of a long-lasting action learning programme, there are key success factors, into account. First, the problem must be so far unresolved and urgent ideally to help ensure the undivided attention and the interest of the members of the team. “A key factor for the success of an action learning programme is a boardroom, which actively and specifically the culture of learning organization” promotes enterprise and anchored. When the team composition should be ensured that a possible heterogeneous team with different skills and abilities is found.


Be even clearer that distinguish between needs and existing conditions in case of a different theme: although 68 percent professional and internally recognised change manager to the compulsory change projects, only 38 percent can meet this requirement. At least they have can positively only rarely changes date change measures according to its own commitment of respondents. The use of external change manager resulted in positive effects only in exceptional cases. This shows ultimately, how little the change management in the company is structurally anchored”Maicher interprets the results. Because is waived special person in charge to give the change measures in the hands, lost a central control of the project and influence instead of large number of individual interests. This goes “ultimately at the expense of the original objective.” However, no major discrepancy between the set requirements and the is status of feedback culture show up in the company. However surprising, expects a relatively low level of claims.

So, only 57 percent believe that in change projects open discussion should conditions, where the staff actively can engage with their feedback. A fundamental weakness of the change strategies hides it for the ardour consultant. Staff should necessarily be included because they (change agents) are important co-creators of changes. Learn more at: Anchin Block. This requires however a communication and management culture, in which the employees with their personal perspectives and experience can actively a”, emphasizes Maicher. He publishes from his consulting experience the advice to take into account the following aspects for change projects: in-depth changes shall apply as soon as possible making it, the phase of the Uncertainty in the individual in the Organization to keep as short as possible. Cross-cutting changes, the decision-making in a control panel with high occupation should focus (melting pot). Drastic decisions not delegate or socialize (frogs drain it only reluctantly their pond”). Conduct a really honest stakeholder analysis and critical or uncomfortable, but ultimately important stakeholders not exclude, so not the most comfortable way to go.

Necessarily sufficient time, resources and budget for the communication plan. Call for the active participation of the project by the top management and make sure to do this should include also, for example, a first-place communication and discussion with the other employees or other executives. Clear and verifiable (measurable) objectives, formulate and vote, attention to trade-offs. The executives make it clear that they are role models for the staff and the changes should live. Sure that not too many initiatives and projects to run simultaneously and overwhelming to the employees and organization. Nothing in the dark leave the impact of changes on the staff precisely analyze and communicate, so. Make sure that the company repeatedly reached after profound changes in a stable phase. No power structures must be taboo. Develop tolerance resistors, but professionally respond and sanction real or sustainable boycott attitudes.