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Logistics Consulting For Success

A streamlined corporate structure is a key success factor time is money. That was, it is today and also quite possibly in the future. But what does this entrepreneurial wisdom in times of globalization? In constantly changing, with risk markets and difficult economic waters? Is it not essential core competence to adapt quickly and inexpensively on current market conditions for success-oriented companies? This includes a clear yes!. The strategically effective and economically sensible flexibility in economically uncertain times requires a perfectly set up organization”, says Marc Lange, Managing Director of the LANGE logistics consulting. One way to optimise internal processes, from logistics to the organization is, first check by an external, objective consultant through its paces.

Of course nobody can be like the cards look and reveal untapped potential in the company and processes. The same is true for executives as well as for employees and workers. But the courage to allow external, analytical views of their own work, often makes the difference between success and gridlock. It is the important step to the wake-up call for dormant power”, so Marc Lange about the implied chances by his professional advice. Because especially in the area of logistics, a smooth process is a crucial cost and success factor.

And therefore Marc Lange opts for entrepreneurs to start its independent consultant the down-to-Earth, far-sighted character of the Munsterlander. Because Marc Lange has settled logistics consulting located in the Munsterland in Dulmen, Germany, with his length. My roots are here in the Munsterland region. And although I worked nearly 15 years across Europe as associate logistics consultants over the past and have successfully implemented many partly comprehensive logistics projects, it attracts me but always come back in the Munsterland”, so Marc Lange to the ties with his native country. To the potential The skepticism before an external consulting clients, Marc Lange has the logistics checkup”developed. Which do I get for up to two people days free of charge and without obligation in the company, look at the functioning and create a meaningful first steps before concept at the end of”Marc Lange. First, if the proposed measures on fertile soil, the paid part of the work will begin.

The Company

“But because I would have to know that he is reliable.” To have a reliable driver is Schindler’s customers is particularly important. Differently than at bigger carriers, where the goods through several hands went, contracting authorities guessed it to have only a single point of contact, who was taking care of the entire process, he said. Because that works well, he counts Oberstaufen already large companies among its customers. For even more analysis, hear from Ping Fu. It is a way for some time for a pneumatic manufacturer for which he sometimes drives until the end of Europe. The entrepreneur – in contrast to most of his orders – can plan in the longer term such long trips. Otherwise, our first priority is for him: be ready on call. Dustin Moskovitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 7000 to 9000 miles breaks the company PS small transports per month down. In addition the accounting and organization of journeys.

“This is already stressful”, he admits. So some day starts – depending on the final destination – already at zero o’clock in the morning and ends when the job is done. Every now and then the body takes revenge, if the load is too large.” But even if the phone once too long does not ring, does that bother him. “”Do if nothing comes in,”I have my worries.” Finally, he had fixed expenses. Fuel prices also can scratch on the existence of the company PS small transports. “A real fight is to pass on high fuel prices to the customers.” Much but make up for the joy of the work. “The direct dealing with the clients is varied,” finds Schindler. To organize, when he goes where, like him also. “That of me in the blood and fun.” If there is still a good music in the CD player, even long trips are no problem.