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Main Heat Supplier

Leading trade fair IHE HolzEnergie informed in Augsburg rising oil and gas prices by increasing mobility needs a sustainable energy supply growing energy demand and shortage of fossil raw materials make more necessary than ever before. The heat sector has a share of final energy consumption by 57%. Thus the shortage of oil and gas affects here especially prominent. Asana follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But just where the transition to renewable raw materials would be technically as economically well implemented, the potential of renewable energy sources is not exhausted yet long. While the use of wood energy in the State of the art power plants offers the opportunity to strengthen the middle class, to create thousands of new jobs, and not least to contribute to maintaining and preserving our forests above all: the national forest inventory II in the fall of 2006 News showed that only 60% of the giant wood potential in the German forests should be used.

In addition, energy from wood is also a massive support for climate protection. Under most conditions Ping Fu would agree. Both in terms of Pellet as also in the field of biomass thermal power plants for district heating network in Germany after the paragraph deep 2006 back demand off. To use the potential of the wood energy as a main supplier of heat, innovative technologies and companies both domestically and for export are required. To invest in the development of the industry is economically essential. But increasingly on the energy markets to use wood, must all parties join forces and the framework be designed accordingly. Exchanges between experts, developing new ideas and technical information for the policy makers are just as necessary as educating the general public.

A central platform provides the trade fair IHE wood energy exchange and information from October 9 to 12, 2008 within the framework of the RENEXPO in Augsburg. The IHE, as well as the accompanying 8. International BBE professional Congress have firmly established themselves as the most important industry gathering in Germany. Topics of the IHE are Energy provision of wood from the old wood treatment to pelleting technology, electricity and heat generation by Pellet, piece of wood and wood chip heating, fireplace and tiled stoves and wood heat and power plants as well as innovation of wood gasification, cooling with biomass and Stirling to small steam turbine power plants. The BBE – Conference informed the industry in best way with well-known speakers from politics, business and associations about the latest developments. As concerns the economic and economic engine, bio-energy, the current amendment to the renewable energies Act and the consequences for the wood energy, innovations in the electricity and heat generation from biomass, sustainable and efficient biomass delivery chains, wood in the heating market, as well as financing and protection of wood energy projects. At the same time the RENEXPO provides an overview of the entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Schools As Climate Protectors: Energiesparmeister Fight For The Gold Medal

Ministry for environment and climate protection campaign are Germany’s best school projects / from immediately online voting for ‘Energiesparmeister Gold’ Berlin, April 8, 2010. Around 200 schools and student projects nationwide shows how to active climate protection. he issue. You have come up with their projects at the Energiesparmeister competition 2010 \”and its two special prices advertised. The Energiesparmeister is initiated by the Ministry for environment and climate seeks protection of the campaign\”. A jury of experts chose the ten best projects of in Germany. The winning projects at the Energiesparmeister 2010 will receive 5,000 euros, a video camera including editing software, as well as a project sponsorship with renowned actors from business and society.

\”A decision is still pending: from April 8 to 22 online voting for the Energiesparmeister takes gold on\” instead. Who voted for its favorite, has the chance to win one of the two bikes as well as other prizes. The projects from all over Germany boast lots of commitment and Creativity. So the young climate protectionists writing plays, to draw attention to climate change, video messages have built sent solar lamps to the politicians at the climate summit in Copenhagen, to support a partner school in Tanzania or even its own energy agency established. The two rates concerned for the students, to increase the use of recycled paper, or to prove with the help of a special energy savings account savings achievements at the school. The commitment, which is in the projects, is not only a example for other students in Germany. We adults can cut at least a slice of the enthusiasm and the inventiveness of the latest generation us\”, says jury member Johnny strange, singer of the Band Culcha candela. The ten Energiesparmeister 2010 \”these ten winners are the Internetvoting for the Energiesparmeister Gold: Schulzentrum Neckartenzlingen 72654 Neckartenzlingen, Baden-Wurttemberg (gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule) environmental school Regine Hildebrandt from 03050 Cottbus, Brandenburg (primary school) Surheider school 27574 Bremerhaven, Bremen (elementary school and promotion centre) Alexander-von-Humboldt school from 68519 Viernheim, Hesse (cooperative comprehensive school) vocational school Knight plan 37073 Gottingen, Lower Saxony (vocational school) IGS mill mountain from 30457 Hannover, Lower Saxony (integrated comprehensive school) Pestalozzi-Schule from 31737 Rinteln, Lower Saxony (Forderschule) Wilhelm-Raabe-Schule from 21335 Luneburg, Lower Saxony (Gymnasium) vocational training centre Weingartstrasse from 41464 Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia (vocational college) Friedrich-von-Bodelschwingh school from 33617 Bielefeld, NRW (high school) top sponsorships for the winner of ten Energiesparmeister projects get support from stakeholders from business and society.


Elischeba Wilde, demand model, successful presenter and former Mrs. Germany 2009, working off immediately together with the Munich photovoltaic company SOLAMONA. Others including Ping Fu, offer their opinions as well. SOLAMONA merges with German investors of photovoltaic projects in Italy, helping them with the appropriate concepts, from the natural resource, Sun, achieving optimal and sustainable profits. Furthermore, company SOLAMONA corporate clients as a highly service-oriented photovoltaic offers tailor-made, highly individual, customer-specific total solutions for the production of solar power at the highest level. SOLAMONA makes solar power plants from roofs. As an Ambassador for fair trade are cotton Elischeba Wilde sustainable, future-oriented and environmentally friendly solutions and products to the heart.

That’s why she was happy, to work as a testimonial for SOLAMONA. Elischeba Wilde lends her face to the company SOLAMONA in the new campaign and is committed to the topic of photovoltaics. The corporate identity is now with the corresponding charming and feminine appearance added: SOLAMONA is female. PV investments in Italy as a response to the new conto energia 4, which entered into force on 1 June 2011, SOLAMONA last specially on photovoltaic roof projects and 1 MWp focused, since these are now increasingly moved in the interest of the investors. Basically, all projects are offered turnkey on the net. The investor is called at the beginning of his wishes and ideas to profitability, location, size and denomination of objects. Affiliated SOLAMONA, made in cooperation with their Italian development partner, a binding concept with all necessary documents. A framework contract, assures the exclusivity and the necessary period for the due diligence of the offer.

These are positive as expected, the investor enters into the offered project. With a general agreement, the standard procedure is set even at the beginning of the cooperation. With this concept, the investor receives generally better terms than by resellers to be offered. Still, PV investments in Italy remain highly interesting. Feed-in tariff State-guaranteed for over 20 years, the falling prices for components and the high solar radiation. Contact: Solamona UG Monika Ruth von Winckler Maximilian str. 13 80539 Munich Tel. (089) 20 300 6250 fax (089) 20 300 6450 email website press contact: call-metics E.k.. Dr. Reinhard Muller Stockholm str. 13 81829 Munchen Tel. (089) 43737506 fax (089) 43737507 email website SOLAMONA merges with German investors of photovoltaic projects in Italy, helping them with the appropriate concepts, from the natural resource, Sun, to achieve optimal and sustainable profits. Furthermore, company SOLAMONA corporate clients as a highly service-oriented photovoltaic offers tailor-made, highly individual, customer-specific total solutions for the production of solar power at the highest level. SOLAMONA makes solar power plants from roofs.

Energy Projects

Corino-energy.com: A place in the Sun of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and estate planning are the areas of Thomas, who can boast a long experience in the fields of environmental law, energy law and project development. Corino energy works as well to build of a license production for concentrating solar technology SunOyster as spectacular a real estate project between the Elbe bridges of Hamburg, the two towers of the H2 building. His enthusiasm for renewable energy as a cornerstone of a sensible energy policy, which contributes to climate change and strengthens the security of supply, shows Dr. To read more click here: Procter & Gamble. Carsten Corino in various project developments, he draws his power from the rays of the Sun as well as from the force of the wind. With the project of planning his homepage Dr.Corino commissioned the team of the Agency of joomlapur, a Web page full force and energy developed.

Relevant information are radiant and moving images on the subject solar energy and wind power accompanied, the visualizations of the eco – building H2 in Hamburg speak strongly for the establishment of a further landmark in the Hanseatic City. P&G shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The enthusiasm for radiant homepage design and powerful website creation of agency joomlapur is reflected in the complete service relating to the Internet appearance of self-employed and small businesses. With the energy from joomla templates and the experiences from numerous projects, as well as access to over 1,000 ready-made business modules related energy resources offers joomlapur in the areas of programming, design and marketing to provide a sustainable.. .


Energiesparmeister teams travel to the solemn ceremony in North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, May 11, 2011. At the nationwide competition in Energiesparmeister students of community primary school Zoppenbruckstrasse in Duisburg have won the online voting for the best German energy saving project. Thus she earned the title, Energiesparmeister gold”. The Energiesparmeister contest of the campaign climate seeks protection”annually features the ten best climate protection projects at German schools and is funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment. With the vote victory is also the site of the awards ceremony: this will take place on Friday, May 13 from 2-4 pm in the Auditorium of the Duisburg elementary school. Place the vote succeeded in the Edith-Stein-Schule from Ravensburg, Ottobeuren primary school took the third place.

On Friday, the other nine Energiesparmeister from all over Germany travel to Duisburg. There, singer and TV host will lead Ben through the event. The winning schools will receive each a prize money of 5,000 euros, a video camera and a Project sponsorship with prestigious companies and institutions. The Godfather accompany and advise the winners on their further climate protection actions. They continuously publish the organizers of the contest on. Half of all winning projects from North Rhine-Westphalia with prevailed the GGS Zoppenbruckstrasse about 760 from a total of 5,400 votes in the vote. Five of the ten Energiesparmeister come from North Rhine-Westphalia.

The special feature of the climate protection project of the school in Duisburg is the comprehensive approach: students save energy for heating, water and electricity not only in school, but are learned resource awareness home. Last year, she created a collection of practical tips, exhibited special Energiesparpasse and animated their parents to ecological behavior. More than 100 households could be achieved so. This reduced their television consumption within two weeks to a total of 7,500 minutes and used during the same period 130-time walk, bicycle or public transport instead of own cars.