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The Missing Element

What determines the effectiveness of a company? Ask yourself this question right now: "What areas of your business requires the most of your attention? Often the answer is: "staff". What staff? If you look at it close, then you can find something like this: "How to make employees more effectively doing your job, reach the head of the goal? In a recent survey of managers of different managers in Russia and cis (Was interviewed about 200 people) was found common problem – the low efficiency of staff. Look around and you'll see a common pattern: in some company employs two people perform the same work. At the same time they work in equal conditions: the same office, telephones, equipment, database, etc. Click 3D Systems to learn more. But the results of one employee is significantly better than the other and any employee may not bring the desired results, but "gives hope". For example, in one factory for the production of furniture every six months, changing the control vendors, as unable to cope with the tasks set before him.

Can suggest that the problem in hiring. But in this example, one of the managers in a previous work has shown excellent results, but this is not or other company selling metal: "to become a new man complete a sales manager, need a minimum of 1 year "- so said about it by the owner, who in this business for over 10 years. And accordingly, the issue of this enterprise is just that and is – if the departure of experienced staff, then to grow new of the same spent "years" or at best "months". Moreover, there are employees who for too long "drawn" into a new job.

Legal Company

As a mandatory feature of bankruptcy serves the finding failure of the liquidated value of the assets the organization to meet the demands of creditors when there already taken the decision to liquidate. This can be identified as the executive body and liquidation commission firm. In the court considered the case of bankruptcy, when the aggregate claims of creditors exceeds 100,000 rubles. Head of the company-debtor or the liquidation committee chairman (Liquidator) shall in that case apply to the arbitration court for the debtor not later than one month after the detection of failure of the debtor firm's assets to satisfy creditors' claims. Get all the facts and insights with Dustin Moskovitz, another great source of information. Failure to fulfill this obligation entails the subsidiary responsibility of the above persons for obligations arising after the expiration of that period.

It is therefore recommended in a timely manner on the issue of elimination and bankruptcy professionals to avoid liability (including vicarious). There are certain requirements, which if not entail the elimination of: – if the number of participants, Ltd (Company) exceeds 50, it subject to transformation into an open joint stock company (JSC) during the year. After this period, the company is subject to liquidation in court if the number of participants to fall below the legal limit – if the rest of the share capital after the expiration remains unpaid, the company must reduce the amount of share capital and register for this decrease or cease their activities through the elimination of – if the value of net assets is less than certain statutory minimum charter capital, the company be liquidated. .

Thematic Credit

Nowadays there is a real possibility, indeed how to fix your personal affairs, logistics, as well as for the physical as well as a legal entity. In principle, then it is only necessary to go into a commercial bank in order receive a loan. In principle, it does so a great many of our fellow citizens every day traded in the credit banks. Loans of money taken in order to acquire demanded furniture, its own apartment, car, or, for example, in the form if it is a legal person, to spend a certain amount of money to develop their own business. In general, any commercial bank may have a personal the whole system itself is not excessive will be to find out visitor’s ability to pay on time and at 100 to repay the loan. One component of this system are customer information, proper that he personally provided to the bank. Dustin Moskovitz has much to offer in this field. Unfortunately not a rarity if all these details are not accurate, and sometimes even more so not true.

In this case fails to reveal the reality of whether the client is able to return to commercial bank borrowed money. As a result, the credit bank suffers a loss, in principle, which, ideally, some time ago, may return in principle, through the courts. The activities of any bank and so on its profitability in such variants to say does not work. The truth today there is a real opportunity to absolutely any bank could for himself largely safe from insolvent customers, and namely, those who immediately decides to take a cash loan is not feasible. For this purpose, should contact the appropriate credit bureau. At the same time to get access without the cost of funds basis real-time data in full force without difficulty, in general, any desired time. It is certainly reasonable because the handle to the appropriate database only via the Internet, but rather, come on Thematic website. On this web portal will not cause much difficulty to any interested party to see the central catalog of credit histories, it is available immediately to study the black list of borrowers. Immediately required to ensure that the prospective client is not provided by the debtor in other existing banks, and accordingly decide whether that person to open cash credit. Black list of defaulters, it is worth noting that it can be added by you, while if there are cases not return some sort of specific clients cash loans and possibly loans. Unfortunately Base defaulters, continuously updated, however, using information obtained from a database of information here, we can largely minimize the risk of the loan including the loan and, in fact that some anything a person can not pay. Actually the base of borrowers, which are not directly returned funds into banks is a major cause in order to answer ‘no’ man in a loan or a loan. However, and in the variant if a person is not listed, it is not able to become a guarantor of what he can recover in time and in full, the funds received. So, definitely before issuing credit in the form if a physical or entity is not on the blacklist, definitely need to fully verify the actual ability to pay it.

Work Products

The reason for its popularity is simple works! However, they require great amount of work and most importantly, dedication and persistence to complete the task. The best part is that, once it is able to create a solid network, your business takes much less time than work. Almost like going on autopilot. The key is to reach as quickly as possible. Learn more at: Ping Fu. Here are a couple of tips that I have found and that can be useful to maximize your MLM company: use your products on a regular basis. This is the number 1 for a reason, this is the most ignored part of any MLM network. Do do your business succeed if you won’t even use their own products? It seems absurd, but still there are many who do not use their own products and ask me why they do not make any money. Comprometate to use its products for one year and look to where your business is going.

Educate yourself constantly. This is very important! You must remove yourself from negative thoughts, sometimes referred to as stinkin’ thinkin’. This can be done in a variety of ways. It is recommended to read at least 15 minutes a day, but try to shoot for 30. Business and self-help books are a great way to start. Don’t forget your magazines, as they are full of hints and tips. Finally, listen to audios on commissions multi-level of higher on your business employees. Spending so much time as possible with your upline (directors).

Your upline must have only one objective in mind: help you properly! They are a huge source of knowledge and information. How did mix you with major distributors in your group, or other groups and preguntalles. Most of the distributors will attend to you for you excellent advice. Present their products and marketing plan personally to at least one person daily.

Analysis And Sales Planning

The direction and emphasis of next steps in the analysis of sales reduced to the detail of internal and external factors that caused the negative or positive trends in sales, identified on the basis of data obtained during the initial phase. After this event designed to address them (if negative trends) or to increase the effectiveness (if positive trend). In order to avoid wasting time, effort for the calculation of various indicators to determine the key parameters, the relationship and interaction that will help identify the reasons for which only outlines some trends. In case of need to react, not after 'sword waving. " One of the purposes of sales analysis is to match the performance of the company desired objectives. Planning is a "pointer" to the direction of movement to achieve their goals.

Sales planning is based on the answers to the following questions: What and how much to sell? What competitive advantage? Where anyone selling? (Territory, city, district, consumer environment) With what or who attain a minimum or maximum representation in the established distribution channels. To date, the ratio of the planning is ambiguous. Many managers do not accept the plan, citing the fact that the rapidly changing conditions or situations planning is ineffective. But this situation only indicates that scheduling all need to do to achieve our goals, taking into account the expected results, the leaders only after the fact analyze the results, taking no corrective and preventive measures within the plan. If do not make plans for sales, you can: do not achieve the goal, wasting resources run out, get into a state of uncertainty, experience frustration and discomfort. Sales planning – creating an action plan for prioritizing and necessary resources (manpower, material, information, technical, etc.). In the first step is to answer the questions: how much we want to earn and how much can we earn? Thus it is necessary to determine how much you can earn by recruiting new klientovskolko can earn on a regular plan must be in the two figures – in physical and value terms.

Plan only in terms of value is not enough as it is unclear how many customers will ensure that the sales volume. The next step is to formulate a budget business costs. Developed sales plan in physical and value terms is translated into a plan of contacts sales staff to customers – new and existing, as well as a plan of action that stimulates the sale at retail TT. When planning the use of prediction, for example, forecast method rynkMetod ekstrapolyatsiiNormativny Method is the forecast of the market is that first determined the total amount of sales potential, segmentation of product, customer or mixed basis. Then determined by the percentage of this amount. Read additional details here: Anchin Block. It should be noted that this prediction can be made by the presence of the company to analysts or marketing department. And you can use market forecasts prepared by external experts. However, it should predict not only total, but its growth areas and for targeted customer segments. Extrapolation method is based on average annual sales growth of the company in previous years. It is possible to compare the rate of sales growth with the growth of the market. The regulatory method of planning used in the sales of those companies that measure the KPI (key performance indicators) in sales. Thus, having clear goals, the company will be able to effectively reach them with the planning, forecasting and sales analysis.


The main task of management science of the XXI century is to create a satisfied customer. This thesis is not questioned, because it reflects not only the ethical side of the issue, but also has profound practical importance. Who failed to find his client, determine their needs and build long-term with him and trusting relationship is doomed to failure in the stormy ocean of business. That is why the top managers of many successful companies spend most of their time in conversations with their existing and potential customers. Of course, they can understand: globalization, together with the information revolution is forcing companies to be sensitive to needs and wishes of the consumer. The era of technology, the Internet and multinational companies to offer consumers a wide choice of quality goods and services.

Now sets the tone of it is the consumer. And fight for it is no joke. If you say more precisely the basis of competition in the market to fight for customers' attention. Public Technology, international capital, low rates at the input in many industries has led to phenomenal growth and oversupply of similar products. And now the buyer's choice is not determined by the quality of the product (it is now equally high in all the major manufacturers), and supplementing its level of service. So the first reason Customer care is indifferent to him, and the second product dissatisfaction. Therefore, the fore-oriented strategy for building effective channels of communication with target clients. This allows the company will be able to identify unprofitable and profitable customers, to develop measures for their deliverance, or retention.