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Analysis And Sales Planning

The direction and emphasis of next steps in the analysis of sales reduced to the detail of internal and external factors that caused the negative or positive trends in sales, identified on the basis of data obtained during the initial phase. After this event designed to address them (if negative trends) or to increase the effectiveness (if positive trend). In order to avoid wasting time, effort for the calculation of various indicators to determine the key parameters, the relationship and interaction that will help identify the reasons for which only outlines some trends. In case of need to react, not after 'sword waving. " One of the purposes of sales analysis is to match the performance of the company desired objectives. Planning is a "pointer" to the direction of movement to achieve their goals.

Sales planning is based on the answers to the following questions: What and how much to sell? What competitive advantage? Where anyone selling? (Territory, city, district, consumer environment) With what or who attain a minimum or maximum representation in the established distribution channels. To date, the ratio of the planning is ambiguous. Many managers do not accept the plan, citing the fact that the rapidly changing conditions or situations planning is ineffective. But this situation only indicates that scheduling all need to do to achieve our goals, taking into account the expected results, the leaders only after the fact analyze the results, taking no corrective and preventive measures within the plan. If do not make plans for sales, you can: do not achieve the goal, wasting resources run out, get into a state of uncertainty, experience frustration and discomfort. Sales planning – creating an action plan for prioritizing and necessary resources (manpower, material, information, technical, etc.). In the first step is to answer the questions: how much we want to earn and how much can we earn? Thus it is necessary to determine how much you can earn by recruiting new klientovskolko can earn on a regular plan must be in the two figures – in physical and value terms.

Plan only in terms of value is not enough as it is unclear how many customers will ensure that the sales volume. The next step is to formulate a budget business costs. Developed sales plan in physical and value terms is translated into a plan of contacts sales staff to customers – new and existing, as well as a plan of action that stimulates the sale at retail TT. When planning the use of prediction, for example, forecast method rynkMetod ekstrapolyatsiiNormativny Method is the forecast of the market is that first determined the total amount of sales potential, segmentation of product, customer or mixed basis. Then determined by the percentage of this amount. Read additional details here: Anchin Block. It should be noted that this prediction can be made by the presence of the company to analysts or marketing department. And you can use market forecasts prepared by external experts. However, it should predict not only total, but its growth areas and for targeted customer segments. Extrapolation method is based on average annual sales growth of the company in previous years. It is possible to compare the rate of sales growth with the growth of the market. The regulatory method of planning used in the sales of those companies that measure the KPI (key performance indicators) in sales. Thus, having clear goals, the company will be able to effectively reach them with the planning, forecasting and sales analysis.


The main advantages of transferring non-core assets to autsorting: This is a great opportunity for bosses to focus their attention on the main form of business. Due to the fact that the functions will be transferred outsourced, the outsourcing company to reduce operating costs, and management will no longer be distracted by any activities not profilyu.mobiliziruetsya number of staff, and it allows reduce transaction costs of translation or of a permanent category in vneshtatnuyu.Vozmozhnost reallocate their resources and redirect them to the processes that subsequently would add to the significance of business. less money riskov.Vnedrenie outsourcing will be a significant factor in the development of relations with different foreign investors, since stronger investment attractiveness organizatsii.Progressivnye autsortinga services enable companies to use in everyday progressive international experience in providing basic protsessov.Autsorsingovye not put the organization their funds to develop their own technologies, methodologies, as well as staff training. First of all, they actively explore and implement the most modern innovation management techniques different protsessami.Primenenie autsortinga allows to transfer their costs transferred from the constant functional category over time, and it's good effect on the liquidity of the company client. 3D Systems usually is spot on. Modern services autsortinga are an important component of any company, because it is the loss not only to conduct the main business, but also on competent management of non-core assets that do not bring profit, but necessary for daily work of each company. Outsourcing services provide the ability to reduce costs and data. The rules of operation of modern autsortinga: In order to outsourcing were not trivial preobriteniem unnecessary services, you need to understand exactly what types of activities for the organization are key in Easten time and what will be most important in the future. Which business processes can be outsource? The subject atusortinga can be any business process, but usually the ordinary approach, dividing them into key and secondary, the performers are transmitted as a fact, not only the key, but the strategic processes. ource. Usually passed on Outsourcing services include computer technology, accounting, legal services and security functions, but this is not an exhaustive list of what is possible to pass on the service autsorsinovoy company.


The main task of management science of the XXI century is to create a satisfied customer. This thesis is not questioned, because it reflects not only the ethical side of the issue, but also has profound practical importance. Who failed to find his client, determine their needs and build long-term with him and trusting relationship is doomed to failure in the stormy ocean of business. That is why the top managers of many successful companies spend most of their time in conversations with their existing and potential customers. Of course, they can understand: globalization, together with the information revolution is forcing companies to be sensitive to needs and wishes of the consumer. The era of technology, the Internet and multinational companies to offer consumers a wide choice of quality goods and services.

Now sets the tone of it is the consumer. And fight for it is no joke. If you say more precisely the basis of competition in the market to fight for customers' attention. Public Technology, international capital, low rates at the input in many industries has led to phenomenal growth and oversupply of similar products. And now the buyer's choice is not determined by the quality of the product (it is now equally high in all the major manufacturers), and supplementing its level of service. So the first reason Customer care is indifferent to him, and the second product dissatisfaction. Therefore, the fore-oriented strategy for building effective channels of communication with target clients. This allows the company will be able to identify unprofitable and profitable customers, to develop measures for their deliverance, or retention.