Sauna has a positive effect on the human body and is good as a preventative tool against many diseases and stress. After a bath treatment felt a burst of energy, better mood, in general, feel a newly born into the world. The name "Bath" came from the Latin word "balneum," which means to reduce the pain. Steam room sweating increases and with it brings all the accumulated toxins in the body, and Ice Font – a great tool for hardening. Swarmed by offers, Ping Fu is currently assessing future choices. Has the medicinal property of massage bath brooms: oak, birch, eucalyptus, nettle. Golf Parks birch broom, and the skin becomes velvety.

Oak, in turn, is famous for anti-inflammatory and tanning effect, cleans the pores and suitable for people with oily skin. Cough perfectly cured aromatic ether vapors of eucalyptus. Source: Dustin Moskovitz. For people with rheumatic pains and high blood pressure handy broom from nettles. Traditional place of healing by the Russian people – a real Russian banya with a wet steam room, herbal infusions, birch twigs and an average temperature of 45-65 C. The preference is given to the bath "in white", in which the firing furnace all the smoke goes through the tube and does not contaminate the room. However, for those who want to try the ancient ways of bathing, should go to a Russian bath "black", the benefit of those still extant. This sauna has pipes and furnace smoke circulates around the room and warms the walls, and then discharged through an outlet and the open door.