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Study Shows: Most Of The German Companies Is Still Not SEPA-ready!

SEPA is a scarce thirds still unaware and many see not the immediate need for action with a study now published ibi research at the University of Regensburg would like to show along with van den Berg and the Bank-Verlag, what are the current trends and requirements in the payment transactions in operational practice and analyze the Status quo of the transition to the SEPA schemes. She analyzed exactly one year before the abolition of the existing national payment procedures study SEPA implementation in Germany on 1 February 2013 companies of all size classes as well as authorities and clubs. The national as also the cross-border payments should be harmonized through the introduction of Europe-wide payment SEPA credit transfer and SEPA direct debit. Therefore, the existing national transfer and direct debit schemes be abolished by the European legislation on the 1st February 2014. For this reason, in particular enterprises, authorities and associations to strong changes must in the domestic and make foreign payments that force them to extensive organisational and technical adjustments to the part. Now, a recent survey by ibi research examined implications the introduction of SEPA on the payments of German businesses, government agencies and associations. The main findings are presented in the following. So far still far too few companies and associations have dealt with the subject of SEPA”, commented Dr.

Ernst Stahl, ibi research responsible for conducting the study. The results in figures: SEPA is not yet known by a scant one-third of respondents. So, 26 percent have heard only vague notions of SEPA and 6 percent even never anything according to own. Especially small businesses have a high demand for information on SEPA. Although there are only about 250 working days until the abolition of the existing national transfer and direct debit schemes from February 1, 2013 and the time is short, many companies and associations see only medium-term action.

Henning Kortkamp

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