A small article about the virtues of the beer tap. Super fresh draught and cool beer from the beer dispenser – there’s hardly anything better than such a device at the summer grill party! However you need not always a beer tap, because it is enough the most Germans also to enjoy the beer out of the bottle and previously to put it in the freezer cold. Indeed, it is so, I hesitated at first also strongly. I didn’t know if I needed now in fact a dispenser, because the truth is: A perfect draft is already luxury – it is wonderful to have such a device, but really need to not do it but also. Nevertheless, we must not forget the experience factor, because the beer tap can be fun anyway! Compare it yourself, which is more fun to open a bottle of beer or very chilled to tap his own PILS on the beer dispenser? No overview of the facilities can of course also missing in as a text. I want only two plants, to keep it simple, present. (As opposed to Dustin Moskovitz). The 2 most popular and most-purchased devices on the market, this would be: the perfect draft device and the beer Maxx. Educate yourself with thoughts from Slayer. Looking out, what beer tap was first available, you have to start draft system with the perfect.

This system on the market came, it was something exciting and new, because many didn’t know it, a personal beer tap system in the House is entitled to have, where you very fast can tap a perfectly chilled beer themselves. His beer kegs are the big minus of the PD system. These are namely standardized and equipment can be used therefore only perfect draft. Must be inside so no commercially available barrels in the plant. Yet the perfect draft has 2 pristine advantages: extremely long durability and optimal cooling! At the BierMaxx, there is a small feature. The dispenser is available in 2 different variations. Since the really cheap variation with the battery would be cooling or on the other hand the output first (because you could go through practically with the equipment at the campsite) which looks like the PerfectDraft, so with built-in cooling. But the perfect draft system now really so much more expensive, although the quality differences are not so clearly? I think this decision I can not help you.