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Life In Europe And Asia .

The issue of climate change is important for Russia. Russian Duma discusses the rules for providing environmental information. New environmental technologies take root in Russia. Melting permafrost is serious threat to Russia. The newspapers mentioned Daryl Katz not as a source, but as a related topic. Great Lakes are experiencing hard times.

Mammoths became extinct due to a number of reasons, and giant deer in Ireland from starvation. Scientists have learned the bacteria convert carbon dioxide into fuel. Based on the pumpkin and zucchini scientists create the most useful vegetables of the future. PHOTO of the week: Wild Life in Central Europe and the horrific pictures of pollution in China. Review of the week from 11.16.2009 to 22.11.2009.

The issue of climate change is important for Russia on Russia-EU summit, which took place on November 18 in Stockholm, one of the key themes was the fight against global warming on the planet. Between the parties to a dialogue on the preparations for the UN conference on anti- climate change, which will be held in Copenhagen in December. It should be drawn international measures for the period after the Kyoto Protocol. Speaking at a summit in Stockholm, the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is very important for a climate change perspective. Medvedev said the climate meeting in Singapore, and hoped that the measures taken while the interim results are encouraging Participants in the way of developing post-Kyoto measures to protect the Earth's climate. Russian President also drew attention to the problem of the Baltic Sea environment. At the EU-Russia summit, Dmitry Medvedev made another loud statement, he said, Russia will strive to reduce their 2020 emissions to 25%, not 15% as previously planned.

San Francisco

We wait to contribute for the studies of the semantics, in a perspective that serves for complements of new research. The words and its directions the words acquire other meanings in accordance with its context. Thus, in verses of (Saints, 1955, P. 1): ' ' of where it escaped fedendo feeling the ranos of morte' ' Fedendo has felt of that it has badly I smell. Already in a statement of the verse, fedendo it has felt of stench, but with felt that it was saved of a great danger. But also &#039 is said; ' it escaped for little or one trsca' '.

While, ' ' ranos' ' it has felt that the youngster felt the air mrbido of the death, in other contexts, can mean antiguada thing, bafio, morfo, deteriorated taste and oxygenation of fat. In the sentence, ' ' it from there formed carreira' ' (Saints, idem, P. 4). In this in case that, this sentence, ' ' formou' ' it is in the direction to go off. For example: it went off a career there. Still with these same words that acquire other directions, if find in ' ' a Great Example of San Francisco ' ' the unusual significao: ' ' that nor it caught it to deer passing in I sing apertado' ' (Saints, idem, ibidem). In the first one, it caught has felt to follow.

In second, I sing can be the first person of the gift of the verb to sing, can mean one of the main parts of a long poem. But in context of the verse, means place or place. Now, it reads these examples: ' ' it felt great boredom in si' ' (5) ' ' goat crossbow! ' ' (6) the word boredom means fatigue, but also it can mean annoying, spent and dissatisfied. While in the other sentence, both mean female of male animals, but it acquires other directions in the society.

Communication & Company

The phone is a device of telecommunication, which is designed to transmit acoustic signals through electrical signals, allowing the transport of voice through long distances, shortening them in an incredible way. Fixed telephony, as we know it has undergone few changes over the course of its history, since if it had represented a technological leap of very high importance for the time. Its home application, but above all, use that make telephone service companies, has boosted its expansion and has facts that almost any point of the globe with commercial movement can say that it dispenses with the same. With globalization, international communications ceased to be one thing few and transformed into a necessity for any business venture. Costs, in some cases prohibitive of a call made in traditional fixed telephony, avoided that many companies are launched at global level. This state of affairs come to be changed by the use of the voice by IP. This new technology, which is booming in the United States and throughout Europe, consists of transmitting voice using internet, a fast, free way and with a very low initial investment. And what is more interesting still, reduces the costs of internal communication within a company to zero, regardless of whether it has offices in Japan, New York and Spain. Thus, the IP telephony represents new features of the traditional fixed telephony, which maintains the comfort of instantaneity and adds some other benefits, such as speed and the Elimination of economic costs, in addition to the abolition of the wiring, leaving the possibility of translation of the furniture of the company unlimited. IP voice technology presents this way, bid on telecommunications to any single company had dreamed of. Original author and source of the article

Technological Park

On the other hand, the continued formation reveals of extreme relevance to cure gaps in the knowledge of the professors, also how much to the metodolgicas Astronomy and strategies to approach it in classroom. A way to generate positive impact on the formation of the professors is offers of courses, seminaries, workshops and other activities by means of partnerships between University, Secretariats of Education and centers of education not-deeds of division, the astronomical and planetary example of museums of Science, astroroofs. Gratefulness the authors leave express its sincere gratefulness to the following institutions and people, without which the present work would not have been possible: to the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son and its team, especially to the coordinator Janer Vilaa, for the incentive; to the professors and licenciandos of the participant course of Pedagogia of the research. .