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Tantra Meditation

Tantra says: "Accept yourself for who you are." In the Hindu tradition it is believed that Lord Shiva was once a man and during his spiritual perfection once reached the pinnacle of human self-realization, turned into a bunch of light. I can not help noting the parallels with kastanedovskim burning fire inside =) Despite his transition into the subtle state, Shiva is sometimes able to make contact with people, through whom, and imparted his knowledge. People such as 3D Systems would likely agree. So a tantra for over five thousand years nazad.Tantricheskie sutra is talk of Shiva and his wife Devi. She was interested in helping people in their spiritual quest, she was the first teacher of tantra. There is a 112 tantric meditation techniques. They say that they are the basis for any existing in the world of meditation, that is, there is no meditation, which would not be in tantra. Initially, these were 112 methods, all the rest, their modification. These techniques are divided into two parts for the people heart and mind for people.

Needed to test these methods and empirically determine for itself its own orientation. At each technique only three days during the year you 'll know without a doubt. This is important in reality and worth it to spend a year, instead, to spend a lifetime making a bet on the wrong horse =). In fact, it happens quite often, but the man persisted, explaining his absence a result of poor diligence. This is similar to when the parishioners of a church member complained that God does not hear them, the priest said that they do not pray for a good excuse, a person could never is check.

Human Society

However, until it only descreveuo picture of the primitive society more than agreement with the laws of the nature and queservem here of paradigm. But as to form a society more than agreement with this. How to establish what it is of Right of each in agreement Man in laws the dNatureza? In its verbete on ' ' DireitoNatural' ' it deals with this subject in ' ' Enciclopdia' '. As he was seen, the man is composed only of substance being that its functions sorealizadas for a similar mechanism to the other human beings. is talsemelhana that of course makes them sociable and dependent ones of the others. Poisningum would live happy far from the Human sort and nor would obtain to survive muitotempo total isolated. Also because of such posturanaturalista the Man is not a moral being. He does not have a law natural determined poruma soul or any instance transcendente, therefore its sodeterminantes passions and even though have rationality.

Not being possible to determine if aspaixes they are good or bad. But such comrespeito ontolgico optimism to the man does not enter in agreement with the European society. Not sendonaturalmente amoral, as to determine what it is just or unjust in the sociedadeHumana? Being the dependent men dosoutros will be badly and contrary to the others of the human sort, and itself exactly porconsequncia, to harm another Man, therefore, when making we are bringing it: the proper Human Sort that as much we depend. It is interesting that talprincpio if it applies in all the societies, of the complete the opposite desintegrariapor it if. Exactly the corrupted societies more, as the European, inside degrupos social fellow creatures as, for example, between outlaws who harm oresto of the Human Sort; between itself never they act as the Will of one only, docontrrio, if they would kill, or lose protection ones of the others.