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Managing Director Peter Jung

IT service Karlsruhe on the girls day 2012 IT service Karlsruhe: day program in which girls’ day 2012 the day program of girls’ days of TechniData IT-service GmbH began at 10:00 in the morning. The girls were welcomed personally by the Managing Director Peter Jung, who gave the students a glimpse into the company. Thereafter it continued with a small tour of the offices and the training workshop of TechniData IT-service GmbH of Karlsruhe. To hook up the girls already know, the trainees Sabrina, Stefan and Matteo have devised a knowledge game. The high level of motivation and the right answers of the girl with USB sticks have been rewarded.

After successfully passing knowledge quiz, the lunch break opportunity to interact with pizza and drinks heavily the first, acquired impressions around the topic of IT service from Karlsruhe was the girl. IT service Karlsruhe: TechniData IT-service GmbH writes part of the practice in which girls’ 2012 big after the welcome strengthening were the girls in the day Heart of the establishment of TechniData IT-service GmbH in Karlsruhe – data center – led. Thomas Rohm, the head of training, explained the girl down there what everything in the boxes in the basement and was answer the students to all matters around the subject of IT service from Karlsruhe, Germany. In the subsequent practical part of the busy, because now it went directly to lay their hands on a computer. Task was to take a desktop PC apart and back together to build. After the Windows 7 operating system was set up in a further item new.

This was no problem for the girls with great support of the trainees Sabrina, Stefan and Matteo. At the end, Sabrina explains pupils what now looks the training of TechniData IT-service GmbH in Karlsruhe. Here, the trainees in the first year of apprenticeship in an own workshop prepared sound for the second year in the departments. To conclude, it is important to make a project work. The final Feedback round gave the girls the opportunity once again to reflect how they have felt the day and what new insights in the area of IT service could win them from Karlsruhe. The held very positive comments and opinions of girls to the girls’ day enjoyed not only the Organizer. You can maybe even seeing hope as trainees at the TechniData IT-service GmbH.

Slow Commission Management

Nord-soft, the most critical factors of Horst outlines product-neutral / September 18, 2008 – on over a million salespeople summed the number of people in Germany, the fixed order of a company, or as free agents solely with the objective on the road are effectively to steer the mind of potential buyers on its own products. The variety of customer advisors, which content is at least in part by the sales results is not even included in it. But when it comes to represent the sales success for the employees you pay coin, produced many great worry in the sales or loss of the company. So, a survey of Nord-soft GmbH comes to the conclusion that every second company has shortcomings in its management of the Commission. Peter Hohns Nord-soft describes some of the key causes: Reklamationsanfallige Commission statements: lack of clarity in the Commission’s accounts are in many companies, the order of the day. But any subsequent review by asking questions the sales representative to the transactions generated a significant amount of overtime, for efficiency reasons to avoid it. Also, loss of motivation, which can adversely affect the results of operations occur the salespeople. Cause of complaints is often that it lacks a continuous Historicisation of all data with Commission relevance, which can make transparent the whole data paths and results in the manner required the user.

The historical data have to reproduce in addition to the individual agent level, to be comprehensible in the necessary way. Legacy systems in use: in many cases, Commission systems used have technically have long exceeded its zenith and can therefore only with permanently high effort adapted to the continuous changes. In addition to this permanent burden of administration but significant functional limitations. Sustainability and efficiency effects are also according to a recent study called Nord-soft as the most important criteria in the selection of new solutions.

Johannes Scholtes Gartner

“Magic honors Quadrant for E-Discovery, the comprehensive approach as well as the sales and support behavior of ZyLAB Frankfurt, 30 may 2012 ZyLAB, solution provider for E-Discovery and information management, has today its positioning as a leader” in 2012 Magic Quadrant for E-discovery software “announced (by Debra Logan and Sheila Childs, May 24, 2012). In its report, the renowned IT market research company Gartner presents the analysis results for a total of 21 E-Discovery provider. Harmony is one of the six companies in the highest quadrant of the leader”were placed. The positioning of ZyLABs is based on the analysis of the company with regard to its sales and support behavior (ability to execute”) as well as its implementation ability and understanding customer wishes (completeness of vision”). Therefore, harmony has a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and is able to translate this into products and services. In addition, various other led Technology features to classify as a leader”by independent analysts at Gartner: 1 the comprehensive functionality that covers both the left and the right side of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM), 2. the machine-supported test or automatic encoding functionality, 3.

the market presence in the field of enterprise information archiving, as well as 4 sound financial position and corresponding growth rates. We owe our positioning in the leader quadrant of our mission, to enable companies to manage infinite types and amounts of data right sure unless in the context of a forthcoming E-discovery process or in the context of long-term governance initiatives,”explains Johannes Scholtes, ZyLAB’s Chief Strategy Officer. That many customers trust us already so long, together with this top position by Gartner confirmed our strategy and is a great achievement, of which we are proud.” ZyLAB offers leading enterprise information management solutions for nearly three decades and has been selected for significant E-Discovery and compliance projects all over the world.

Mobile Working

Mobile working as a Hairdresser? That is not cutting at the customer site however but the possibility also outside of the salon on the complete corporate data influx of mobile working as a Hairdresser? Thus not cutting at the customer site is meant, however but also outside of the salon on the complete corporate data access to. As an employee of a hairdressing business begins and ends the work in the salon, but for the Managing Director – the work begins the champions and master of the hairdressing trade until then. Both craft operating there to “overcome many administrative activities”. The sales planning, compilation of data for the accountants or the Bank, employee management, service plan creation, analysis of sales figures – but also customer analysis to marketing actions, like for example a newsletter to customers – are done. One doesn’t have to be but in the Salon for the execution of the administrative work, but can by the Home Office, from the couch or on the road working be.

Why so not on the terrace, at the lake or in the beer garden to do something? As soon as they opened a second, third or even more branches, you can not always be as Managing Director. Here, it is crucial that you don’t lose control over the operations in the salons. Nowadays, almost any woman or man uses a mobile device that allows you to surf the Internet. With the SALON software salon management system you can access, with Smartphones such as the iPhone, Galaxy & co., small Netbooks, or (i) pads over the Internet on all of your corporate data. c.. Of course, you can work at home with a normal PC or Mac with you. If you have children, is also greatly appreciate that. And who dares go boss in the holiday-can one still “take look at it”, what is going on in the operation. The appointment calendar, the cash book, and thus the current sales are accessed in real time without any delay.

Whether it’s beach vacation, spa vacation or city break – so stay up to date. Mobile access to corporate data is becoming increasingly important for the monitoring and control of a company. Only with a modern online software, these requirements can be met to maintain competitiveness and to improve. Further information to the salon management system SALON products from the SALON goods Regina Grabmaier cloud: the Salon software SALON software under the guidance of the Prosecutor Regina Grabmaier designed especially for the requirements of hairdressing establishments. The practice-oriented all-in one software for hairdressing salon is based on 17 years old experience in the Friseurbrancheund the best practices of successful salons. The cloud software SALON software is via the Internet made available (“software as a service”) and used via a Web browser.

District Software

Burning issues education and participation, maintenance and accounting the focus district Karlsruhe. As a constructive and goal-oriented”participants rated the diesjahrigen LMMkom Arbeitskreis Baden-Wurttemberg at the District Office in Karlsruhe. VorbeREITet by Peter Walker, proceedings supervisor in the District of Karlsruhe for the software of company lamb number, project officer, departmental and functional managers, system administrators and officers found quickly to the central issues. The nearly completed GPA certification in accordance with Community regulations, the switch anSteHende on the accounting, the implementation of the education and participation package in LMMkom and the new provider database, as well as the implementation of care advice met with lively interest. Social services, option communities and municipalities under separate auspices showed parTICUlarly interested in the new software feature for editing by collecting bills from the education and participation package.

The settlement will be in the future of the Service provider automatically in the software import, to get the payment directly. Before April 1, 2011, lamb number customers could edit all services from education and participation package with the software and adapt to the requirements of AnspruchsbeRechtigten. Also the processing options integrated in LMMkom in care advice, already successfully used in six municipalities in Baden-Wurttemberg and used for numerous customers in the other country, found great resonance. The functionality for this purpose was developed in close consultation with the local authorities, realisiert by the development team of number of lamb and provided all users at the beginning of the year. The Working Group provides a very good platform for municipalities, auszutauschen the experience so far with the function and to submit suggestions or suggestions for improvement on lamb number”, so Rolf Lohmann, branch head in Baden-Wurttemberg. So is guaranteed.

that our product continually evolves in the right direction and the maximum nutZen is available to the user.” In addition, the planned transition to the accounting of one of the central concerns of local authorities was. “Rolf Lohmann gladly seized on this topic and said: we want to promote the necessary exchange of information here with each other further.” While the timing of the shutdown of the currently used interface what to finance FIWES classic already was set, is still open, when the responsible data centre Baden-Franken KIVBF can implement the new interface required SoJuHKR to finance SAP and make available to the connected communities. The municipal process supervisor want concrete schedules for the project cycle for the introduction of accounting from the data center. As independent software vendor would we local authorities support in establishing the accounting, where we can”, knows Thomas Duren, head of user support and VORtragender Meeting. We have converted more than 30 offices of the kameralen on the double entry system and realised to interfaces to various providers. The experience from these projects this gewonnene want to and will we bring here in Baden-Wurttemberg in the upcoming conversion projects. “We accompany our clients in the accounting by means of project days, workshops and coordination meetings”, Rolf Lohmann continues, and guide you safely through the transition process. In any case, they will be well prepared with the necessary know-how.

Action Learning

Action learning is ever faster changing market conditions to be able to respond to human resource development and organizational development, are forced to continuously and systematically maintain both personal development and organisational development company. An effective tool, represents the action learning targeted to meet both directions of development, which was developed in the 1940s by the British nuclear physicist of Reginald Revans. Revans-defined action learning as a combination of expert knowledge and targeted set of questions. In contrast to previous knowledge, which served to accumulate knowledge on stock, say, learning by doing is in gaining practical knowledge action learning”forces. To this end, in the course of action learning, concrete, yet unresolved problems in the company edited programs and brought to a solution. Action learning teams of at least four to no more than 10 members have proven themselves in entrepreneurial practice, typically for a longer Period will be exempted from their workplace. In the ideal case, team members have different professional skills and abilities or come from different levels of management. Participants of action learning teams learn in multiple ways.

One can be learned on the basis of the problem and of the solution then identified. On the other hand the participants themselves, as well as their interaction learn to tackle its kind problems with colleagues during team meetings. With regard to the results of a long-lasting action learning programme, there are key success factors, into account. First, the problem must be so far unresolved and urgent ideally to help ensure the undivided attention and the interest of the members of the team. “A key factor for the success of an action learning programme is a boardroom, which actively and specifically the culture of learning organization” promotes enterprise and anchored. When the team composition should be ensured that a possible heterogeneous team with different skills and abilities is found.


Be even clearer that distinguish between needs and existing conditions in case of a different theme: although 68 percent professional and internally recognised change manager to the compulsory change projects, only 38 percent can meet this requirement. At least they have can positively only rarely changes date change measures according to its own commitment of respondents. The use of external change manager resulted in positive effects only in exceptional cases. This shows ultimately, how little the change management in the company is structurally anchored”Maicher interprets the results. Because is waived special person in charge to give the change measures in the hands, lost a central control of the project and influence instead of large number of individual interests. This goes “ultimately at the expense of the original objective.” However, no major discrepancy between the set requirements and the is status of feedback culture show up in the company. However surprising, expects a relatively low level of claims.

So, only 57 percent believe that in change projects open discussion should conditions, where the staff actively can engage with their feedback. A fundamental weakness of the change strategies hides it for the ardour consultant. Staff should necessarily be included because they (change agents) are important co-creators of changes. Learn more at: Anchin Block. This requires however a communication and management culture, in which the employees with their personal perspectives and experience can actively a”, emphasizes Maicher. He publishes from his consulting experience the advice to take into account the following aspects for change projects: in-depth changes shall apply as soon as possible making it, the phase of the Uncertainty in the individual in the Organization to keep as short as possible. Cross-cutting changes, the decision-making in a control panel with high occupation should focus (melting pot). Drastic decisions not delegate or socialize (frogs drain it only reluctantly their pond”). Conduct a really honest stakeholder analysis and critical or uncomfortable, but ultimately important stakeholders not exclude, so not the most comfortable way to go.

Necessarily sufficient time, resources and budget for the communication plan. Call for the active participation of the project by the top management and make sure to do this should include also, for example, a first-place communication and discussion with the other employees or other executives. Clear and verifiable (measurable) objectives, formulate and vote, attention to trade-offs. The executives make it clear that they are role models for the staff and the changes should live. Sure that not too many initiatives and projects to run simultaneously and overwhelming to the employees and organization. Nothing in the dark leave the impact of changes on the staff precisely analyze and communicate, so. Make sure that the company repeatedly reached after profound changes in a stable phase. No power structures must be taboo. Develop tolerance resistors, but professionally respond and sanction real or sustainable boycott attitudes.

AG Schonhauser Allee

‘Clear language rather than technical jargon’: datango performance suite makes enterprise software to understand Berlin, 08th April 2009 a limited time and budget framework for the introduction of new operating software is often the cause of inadequately trained users. The datango AG, specialist in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support systems, therefore the datango performance suite (dps) developed. These companies facilitate the rollout and use of enterprise applications such as SAP and increases operational efficiency. On the ICT fair, orbit datango from May 12 to 15 is the solution before the Swiss audience. The orbit is the largest ICT trade fair in the Switzerland. Four days offers a comprehensive overview of proven products and solutions, as well as trend technologies company.

With the initiative clear language rather than technical jargon”, as well as the participation of non-IT groups makes the event to understand technology and thus addressed additional target groups. DPS”: software Navigator for the IT heart in the company talks also the datango performance suite”a clear voice for the user. Because while operating software is often perceived by users as jargon and they shy away from hence the handling, datango solves the problem. A survey of by market research company tick box confirms: complicated PC software difficult users in Germany often the Office routine. Among the respondents complain that they were not sufficiently trained to deal effectively with a migration. At this point, the software navigation system sets dps”on.

The users on the screen clear instructions that clearly explain the operation of the enterprise software and thus facilitate get in the live system. The dps offers the practice mode”the possibility of interactive learning in the demo, practice and test mode. It supports the solution not just to introducing an application, but accompanies the user during later operation. You thus provides for the smooth throughout the entire life cycle Functioning of the operating software, the core of the company. Visit the datango AG on the orbit from 12-15 May 2009 in Hall 4, booth A22. Datango AG brief description: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. The datango solutions support companies in establishing fast and smooth operation of enterprise applications. From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to be an integral part of any enterprise. The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as RWE, e, Schering and UBS. The partners include successful providers like IBM, Siemens business services, CSC Ploenzke and the CREALOGIX AG.

Project Management

Neil Stolovitzky, senior solution specialist at the project management software maker genius inside, discusses in his latest white paper what companies in the conversion notice. Lindau, Germany the role of the planning project manager of that takes care of details, project organization, budget and timeliness, dropped on agile project management and occurs in its place is self-determinant and-organisierendes team. Stolovitzky describes how the redistribution of responsibility and tasks can be performed and what enterprises should pay attention. As keywords, he calls the concepts of self-organisation”and simplification” and referring to be self-managing teams and shared responsibility as a policy strategy for Agile project management. According to Stolovitzky, flat hierarchies and the confidence in the motivation of employees are the core of agile project management. Traditionally working project manager must come to terms with a new role. Stolovitzky explains that leadership and guidance as the project manager in the agile Project management fall away.

He prepares the thesis that agile methods put a far more strategic approach with it, as. Him to have agile methodology while on a structure that is not bound to certain practices, but with a fair role and shared responsibility waiting, where the motivation and approach of each involved can contribute to extraordinary success of project. The involvement of all stakeholders Stolovitzky considers further strategy component that leads to improved collaboration and transparency. Stolovitzkys white paper introduces companies and project managers on agile project management and attention to risks.