The dynamic balance between the Yin and the Yang by acupuncture community change is permanent and absolute. The balance is dynamic and relative. Yin and Yang within an object are not fixed entities, but they are in a State of constant and ever-changing movement. Under normal conditions, the ratio of increment and decrement between the Yin and the Yang is in a State of relative balance and not in a State of absolute stillness or static balance. The balance is the State that is derived from the mutual process of increment and decrement between Yin and Yang and happens in accordance to the law that dictates that movement, the increase and decline are absolute, while the stillness and balance are relative. Every phenomenon grows and develops in the dynamic equilibrium between the movement and the relative stillness.

For example, in terms of physiological activity, the human body tends to excite during the day because Yang is dominant during daylight hours, but tends to inhibit overnight because Yin is which then dominates. Similar to Yang starts to ascend to middle of the night and reaches its peak at midday, also do human physiological activities which in turn gradually pass from the inhibition of excitation. This process is known as reduction of Yin and Yang increase wax. But from noon to midnight, Yang decreases gradually, while Yin is increased. It follows this physiological activity gradually passing excitation to inhibition.

This process is known as Yang decrease and increase of Yin. Thus, under normal physiological conditions, the Yin and Yang not living in peace within an object or phenomenon manifest. Yin and Yang are always in a dynamic state of mutual restriction and which are consumed and mutually supportive. This is known as harmony between Yin and Yang. We cannot ignore the importance and the necessity of the relative of Yin and Yang balance, although the growth and the decline of the Yin and Yang are absolute and the balance is relative. It is the continuous increase and decrease of Yin and Yang, and the constant balance of the two, which promotes normal development of things and maintains normal vital activities. If only Yang decrease and increase of Yin or Yin and Yang increase decrease, occurs a rupture in the relative balance, which would lead to excess or deficiency of Yin or Yang. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz. In physiological terms, a State of morbidity occurs. So as they say ancient Chinese medical texts: the excess of Yin leads to disorders of Yang, and Yang excess leads Yin disorders.