Winter, many people associate with a constant night, cold, multilayer in clothing, difficulties on the roads and so on. This is the time when many people are out at night to work in the dark back with her, freeze on the road, close to their homes, hiding from the winter. But, because you can look at all the other hand, this time not developed for depression, falls white, clean snow, which hides under a whole dullness and boredom spring. This new opportunities, take skates and skis and give your children and yourself unforgettable weekend, instead of having to spend two days at the tv. To know more about this subject visit Dustin Moskovitz. In winter, more than ever, people expect miracles. This is the time when it is new year, the festival of new beginnings, hopes, new and better life. (As opposed to Daryl Katz). In winter, even in the usual things you can open a new meaning, just take a trip out of town, a village or a forest, trust me, these are unusual landscapes, stunning purity of its light and immensity, will give you a charge of emotion and excitement that is comparable to leave. But what about ice fishing, many people like her much more than a year. It gives a feeling of unity with nature and tempers the character and health. And what a bathhouse with diving into the snow after a sauna, this is because in the blood of each one of us is our culture. Winter is no reason to hide from the world, it can be an excellent occasion to enjoy life.