A USB memory (initials belonging to Universal Serial Bus, driver Universal serial) is, compared to other systems of memory stick, a practical solution to transport, Exchange and query data on any PC. Both its speed and its resistance to mechanical damage make them an excellent choice for transporting data and even run programs. Operating systems (and computers) recent allow you to deploy these teams. However, it is advisable to have some care to extend his (already by itself) long existence. Remember to take care of your memory USB sticks are supremely resistant, but its particular operation obliges us to be careful to protect the data that they contain.

These are some tips to protect your information and your memory: always keep a backup of your data. Although USB sticks are fairly reliable, the teams are not so and can have mechanical damage affecting the data on your USB stick e, even (because they are portable) may be lost or end in the hands of organized crime. Therefore, always keep a copy of important data that is loaded into its memory. Carefully remove the USB protocol memories flash is delicate. Removing a USB memory stick at the wrong time (for example, in the midst of an operation) can cause irreparable damage in the form of store data.

Disconnect and suspend functions before removing the USB memory port. Clean frequently the resistance of a memory is such that easily support dust, moisture and other harmful factors for other means of storing data. You may not directly affect the data, but can damage the delicate ports on your computer. Wipe the contacts with a cloth to prevent dirt build up or create corrosion. Clean frequently (with an antivirus) all memory can result of a computer virus to another. Remember to always carry out maintenance to their memories with an antivirus. It is the best way to protect your computer and data stored on a USB memory. A USB memory can last a lifetime (in (theory, because it’s very recent technologies). It is worth giving the best care.