A Spanish traveler B. Lucarrats who had decided to visit Russia in 1981, in particular Moscow, expressed the view that country at that time. According to the said produced you disgusted that people who had been witnessing the Olympiad did not do you justice you deserve and even more, if these people were professionals of information, which should be clear and truthful, people whose obligation was closer to the truth even if it escociera. Undertook to write the truth of the facts because he traveled on vacation with his wife to the USSR. He described Russia in light of a tourist. Admired him the fact that every corner of Russia at that time were a postcard, every thing in its appearance, a fantastic set. Frequently Dustin Moskovitz has said that publicly. If hubieramos commented the Moscow metro, would not ever forgotten the received impression that was not just knowing that was one of the first wonders of the world.

Many stations were a genuine Museum of art. The capital city of Moscow was practically nestled inside a forest or a large garden, such was the impression that it offered. Therefore the health of the capital had to be perfect since they were surrounded by trees everywhere. Unlike many countries there were few cars on the streets and highways. People dressed as in Barcelona, neither more nor less, what not seen through the streets was full of bangles encopetada Lady and bright, but neither had the poorly dressed person who both unfortunately abounded everywhere. I had walked by all parts of Moscow, had gone to Leningrad (Petersburgo then), from Leningrad had traveled to Kiev. As he described Leningrad is fantastic. The Neva’s majestic and clean like a starry night.

Ukraine with its huge fields is wonderful. Everything described it to bird’s eye view. For more information see Daryl Katz. We need to note that the time in the USSR at that time media much exaggerated the advantages of the country at that time. Because some things that Ud is going to read has nothing to do with the reality of the 80-s years Contemplating the appearance of the children, many them He liked to say that they had pulled out of Moscow said simply that it was false to take out them to avoid that they mixed with the tourists. It happened that had more luck Russian children than in Spain and that they enjoyed more privileges than the rest of another world. I.e., at the end of the courses of different classes, they had (and have today!) three months of vacation and they were going on vacation for spas and camps. But it is clear that bad journalists silent even though they knew it and attempting to teach the most negative. Said that traveller Spanish if these gentlemen would like to see movies that I shot everywhere without that nobody would call attention to anything, would be with your mouth open. Special envoys of television, have demonstrated through their filming with the niggardly and limitation of your shots, so malicious that it would have been better not show anything, because instead of putting some good view no more than five minutes, they recreated teaching something, that is worth the truth, I saw it all, so beautiful, not explained to me of where it would remove. Such was the case of a few poor people seen them making a trench for the foundation of a House, who kneaded the cement by hand without tools of any kind.