As you well know, the transplants of organs and tissues, constitute one of the most important therapeutic advances in the last 50 years in the field of health. This achievement has involved virtually all specialties of modern medicine, so that nowadays there is so much social support for these alternative therapies in the treatment of various ailments considered cronicos-degenerativos particularly in Mexico, they have been held since 1963 and since that year, have been established more than 106 centres specialising in this type of transplant. National transplant registry, is responsible for coordinating the distribution of the respecticos organs and tissues and until the year of 1997, was posted near 32mil transplants of all kinds, carried out in the country. On the other hand, in the national transplant program, 22 federal entities with 175 stores throughout the country are registered. Of these 175 establishments, 100 performed organ transplants mainly of Kidney and the rest, transplants of tissues. Today, Mexico carried out near 5mil transplants of organs and tissues, whereas that transplants of liver, heart, lung, bone marrow and pancreas are performed only in the IMSS and ISSSTE institutions. A. Verastegui hold.