Before starting I would like to recognize the new face and the attention that gives us all the INTTT, does not seem anything like the previous one, however despite these advances, is still an irregularity to the citizen, and is in regard to the multiple procedures, bone a person who you think of selling the vehicle, but that also got him lost the certificate of registration and step you want to also secure the release of the retention of titleto leave everything in order, nevertheless falls into the regrettable preaches Miss 3 days of work, perform 3 bank deposits, the filling of 3 envelopes, and count, having to do 3 inspections, since the brother body, the ground surveillance does not allow administrative simplification, bone that a single inspection serves to carry out the 3 steps to stopWhen it comes to the same goal or purpose. I imagine that the designers of the current system, never thought that a citizen would have to go as many times in a year to a process of inspection and obligation of the procedure, and of the Holy system, on different days, bone in different madrugonazos, you have to stand up well early, everything to simply sell a vehicle, leaving it the most healthy as possible for the enjoyment of its future owner. For all types of procedure have to do an inspection, which is logical to ensure the origin of the vehicle, mounting and so many other things as I was justifying a Sergeant of the body of St. Felix ground surveillance, I am not a specialist in the field, I’m a simple citizen, and the sacrifice of get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to make the tail and achieve so precious managementthat more she is bothering to Venezuelans, after having overcome the sad era of indolence of the ancients the proceedings of Guyanese and passport, very modern now. In addition to cronyism and corruption than by cumbersome and tortuous of the process can generate true mafia or threads of managers. What they do not understand, that not is simplified, an inspection, several procedures, if they are made immediately, we are ready to fill 3 envelopes, pay Bank deposits which they want, to expect that you match the last number of the identity card with the day that touches us, but by God, early 3 days in a row, is archaic and the era of the inqusicion, by simple whim of an error in the INTTT system. Please review, original author and source of the article.