The maintenance of the House, needs a minimum of tools.To begin with only need a simple tool kit but, Yes, it is indispensable that they are of good quality.The more experience acquire, we will fulfill major objectives by completing our tool box.It is difficult to describe the basic tools you should have your box.These depend on the type of work that will be done.Toolbox of a person is personal intrasferible and each specialist will use them for a type, but to dedicate ourselves to small repairs domestic will be absolutely essential to have on hand. -Screwdriver with interchangeable heads (or in his absence a couple of them flat and another pair of Star)-a large hammer – wrench – some pliers – a set of allen wrenches – saw – a tester or voltmeter – a pair of electrician scissors. -A cutter tape measure – tape insulator-Loctite (cyano) – a drill with this team will be prepared to carry the basics of home maintenance. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kerry King. Later we will have time to buy tool more complete and more specified for each task that may arise us. All this would have added individual protection equipment, theme very important that we don’t deal with the consequent seriousness.To start would not be of more lead in the Toolbox skin gloves and some safety glasses. Help me to form my website with articles like this. A related site: Asana mentions similar findings. txukundu.onlinewepshop.NET original author and source of the article