When perceiving this niche, many companies have invested to time and capital for the development of efficient and efficient strategies in this area. In the organizations, the interpersonal relations are influenced mainly by symbolic elements that run away total from the control of the company and fit the organizacional communication the transformation of such elements stop to use them in I benefit of the communication strategy. In this direction I inside stimulate, it to the cooperative work of the organization it can and it goes to provide the creation of links that integrate and corroborate for the participation and envoltura of the employees, of form that synergic if establishes a gradual increase of the cooperation, through the strategies developed for the communication, this idea is defended by Kunsch (2003). The work to democratize the communication in the organizacional environment goes to esbarrar, many times, in the vision conservative and mechanics with which diverse organizations costumam to work and that they keep rigid vertical structures in the comunicacional process, centering the management and estagnando the creativity and the capacity of questioning of the employees. Opposing the bias of the vertical structure of the communication, Kunsch (2003) argues that the horizontal flow: … foments the coordination of activities of an organization, the definition of objectives, politics and procedures I interchange, it of ideas, the taking of decisions, the production of recommendations, the familiarization with other sectors and units and, consequently, the incentive of the development of mutual interests. (KUNSCH, 2003, P. 85) the interpersonal relation enters the collaborators of the organization contributes for the constant integration enters the diverse sectors of the company, approaching the interests and goals, for more distinct than the exchange and the flow of information are dinamizando. The constant search for the agreement of the relations gifts in the organization offers to the manager the possibility to create strategies from the existing nets of interaction already, stimulating the exchange of experiences and it I dialogue between the levels and organizacionais sectors.