Administrative reflections: Science affects our way of thinking together Lewis Thomas wisdom is how to live harmoniously in the universe, that if it is a place of order and justice which triumphs over the chaos using random for his deeper purposes Mathew Fox reality of the Venezuelan scenario leads to take into account, as relevant has been the management of the new Government, that during the last 10 years of his management has been playing the Lieutenant-Colonel, current President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, through its revolution Bolivariana, where it has been proposed to carry out changes in the structure of the State giving the inhabitants of the country a new Socialist stage, where democracy according to its principles, provide a better quality of life for the Venezuelan, ensure a high-level cultural, economic, political, social, friendly. However the actions, programmes, strategies followed, have step given that a risky, uncertain, turbulent scenario manifests product changes, challenges, transformations where the business of the country is seriously compromised, requiring today more than ever, of good managerial leaders, administrators proactive, strategists. (A valuable related resource: Kerry King). To this should be added, the fact that the national universities must rethink their curricula in order to train professionals who work efficiently, cost effectively, providing the knowledge, tools and fundamentals that interpret the current scenario nationally and internationally, with highly trained, with practical experience, teachers innovative, creative, while there are many houses of studies that suffer from themlittle economic retribution, leakage of brains and motivation to venture into the docencnia.. .