I wise person that never I would go order it for the such Lady, but who said that only if they can write letters will be for sending? ' ' My infancy was not properly the life that I wanted. In this height it could give thanks to God for having tecto and a rice and cookies of cod to eat. I grew without father. But with my maternal mother and my grandmothers. It lived in the garage of the house of my Rose grandmother. My luck was that enough great age to also fit there a bed and I and my mother.

My mother worked hours and hours, were strengthenn until the o limit to bring tostes for house to every day eat rice and cookies of cod, or fished rice with (it is truth that does not make look like to be nothing delicious, but was what it was arranged in the height). The house arrived and nor wanted to believe that the work already had finished. But one forgot that still it had that to take care of of me. It had that to give the supper to me, to wash me, to dress me a pyjamas that was of it in small, to give milk and to adormecer to me me. I admit that it was a difficult life for, without the aid of the other.

Of my father. That one Sir, who nor I know what have-of calling to it he abandoned us when I had only one year and way. He happened there because? If you are to think that it ran away with another one, you are made a mistake. It was very worse of what this. It was put in the drugs. Yes it is exactamente this. Drugs. It stole my mother and it arrived to go to the work of it to ask for money, in front of the customers.