Press release about the company Danone Actimel (Spain: Recently, circulating false news network on Actimel. In this section, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Association of Dentists and Nutritionists of Spain and finally Danone, denied this information in three communiques and other documents on which it is clear that Actimel helps your defense. Hear other arguments on the topic with P&G. Why should this brief statement of Danone and the extensive TV ad that in Argentina the company La Serenissima (Actimel markets in the Southern Cone) aired in which the ineffable Pancho Iba ez tells us how good it is Actimel A new case of crisis (and spoke some time ago the Dasani) starting on the Web and rapidly expanding the off-line world. In the beginning: a text which ran-effective viral marketing campaign mail-boxes of thousands of people.This is the text of one of the emails received: “The Actimel provides the body a bacteria called Lactobacillus casei. This substance is normally generated by 98 of the organisms, but when it is supplied externally by a prolonged period, the body ceases to develop and gradually “forgets” to be doing and how, especially in people younger than 14 years. In fact, emerged as a remedy for those few people who did not elaborate, but that universe was so small that the drug was not profitable to do so profitably sold his patent to food companies. The Health Ministry Actimel forced to state in their advertising that the product should not be used for a long time and have, but in a way so subtle that no consumer is perceived (eg “Actimel challenge: eat it for 14 days “or” do its Actimel August). If a mother decides to supplement the diet with Actimel, receives no notice of your inconvenience and do not see that may be causing significant damage to future because of handling advertising to boost business. ” The company’s response, “the team Actimel” in full, (and his “endorsers” or third parties) are summarized in this sentence: No body produces bacteria, ie, not generated, they just stay in our gut.Its incorporation is always external. Therefore it is good and desirable to incorporate L-Casei through Actimel. Also, this raised many voices. For example you can read in the “While Actimel is not a hoax and does not have to do with Alopecia, leave this open in case someone can provide some source to the contrary (except La Serenissima ). ” Those who are interested can view or download all documents “official” Danone. There you can read: the release of Danone, the Superior Council of Scientific Research and the Spanish Association of Dietitians – Nutritionists. A PR effort of the company to halt the spread rumor on the web. In the case of Argentina, where he began the move anti-Actimel on line – the company turned to ANMAT (National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology) as an endorser. This can be read at: http://www.actimel.