A current account is an account at a bank, which allows current cash receipts and payments to make. The payments of wages and salaries or payments of rent and electricity etc. is done without cash from this checking account. To open a checking account, the applicant must be 18 years old, or when there are minors must have parental consent. The prerequisite for obtaining a current account is the regular receipt of payment. Often the banks will grant the holder of a current account, a so-called overdraft facility, known in shorthand MRP. This means that the current account holders can have a fixed limit on his credit also. These rates apply. The amount of available framework is intended as a rule, according to the amount of income. In addition, a previous Schufa information obtained to verify the creditworthiness of the account holder. Schufa means protection association for general credit. Here are all the information to the public about the payment behavior,affidavits, termination of the current account but also mobile phone contracts and credit applications stored. Directs the client here, a negative credit rating, he will receive is generally not available under on his checking account. For information on individual postings on the current account, the customer receives so-called bank statements. These are either pulling on the machines in the bank, in rare cases, but they will also be sent by post. The new method is an electronic bank statement. This requires, however, participation in online banking. This statement includes the individual postings in a particular period. The customer is thus constant information about his income and expenditure.