ANGEL guard Marcos Barreira bathrooms is a Protector Angel. The died at 555. Year 3.489, were all studying at the Colegio San Rafael De Vigo. We were all very old. We rondabamos the 200 years.

Fran Perez race on his way to his home mounted on the bike suddenly saw between 2 trucks that came Fostiados.El thought he was dying but a miracle occurred. Marcos Barreira baths except Fran an accident. Fran bolus on top of 2 trucks and landed in front of the hypermarket Alcampo. The more curious that Fran didn’t see Marcos Barreira. Because Marcos Barreira do not want to be seen.

Suddenly says Fran. That miracle if not what I see not what think. Who I would save to my. And gave thanks and said. Tonight let you see in dreams I have to thank you for everything you’ve done for my. You are who you are Te reward. Fran Perez came to your House with great caution on the road. But you would not be anything that frames all over town followed him to his house. Fran went home was very tired. I eat dinner 6 packages of biscuits Mary with 4 bowls of milk with chocolate milk. Is Went to sleep I turn off the light suddenly sees that the door of your room is opens and a white light silhouette is him approaching glowing throughout the room. Fran Perez flip the silhouette of light white began to speak. Goodnight Fran, do not I recognize. Says Fran it is going to be that no. says the silhouette of white light. Not Me bother you don’t remember you for your favorite teacher. Says Fran host you are Marcos Barreira baths did go my Savior? Says Marcos Barreira bathrooms went your Savior, in heaven I took a good job save people that the need. The best Esque enjoy ate work.