The main task of management science of the XXI century is to create a satisfied customer. This thesis is not questioned, because it reflects not only the ethical side of the issue, but also has profound practical importance. Who failed to find his client, determine their needs and build long-term with him and trusting relationship is doomed to failure in the stormy ocean of business. That is why the top managers of many successful companies spend most of their time in conversations with their existing and potential customers. Of course, they can understand: globalization, together with the information revolution is forcing companies to be sensitive to needs and wishes of the consumer. The era of technology, the Internet and multinational companies to offer consumers a wide choice of quality goods and services.

Now sets the tone of it is the consumer. And fight for it is no joke. If you say more precisely the basis of competition in the market to fight for customers' attention. Public Technology, international capital, low rates at the input in many industries has led to phenomenal growth and oversupply of similar products. And now the buyer's choice is not determined by the quality of the product (it is now equally high in all the major manufacturers), and supplementing its level of service. So the first reason Customer care is indifferent to him, and the second product dissatisfaction. Therefore, the fore-oriented strategy for building effective channels of communication with target clients. This allows the company will be able to identify unprofitable and profitable customers, to develop measures for their deliverance, or retention.