The methodology of teaching the course combines theoretical knowledge with practical application through the project method, which is indeed one of the most powerful learning tools that have the formal education for the following reasons: The students are the protagonists of the process, and they raise them every solution, discuss, define the present, defend and ultimately built. Most of the time, was working as a team, so they learn to participate, to value the opinions of others, to support their ideas, to accept the consensus of others and the results. The performance of tasks traditionally associated interchangeably to one gender (either drill a wood or sweep) destroys any previous prejudice and teach effectively equal capabilities. The practical application of theoretical knowledge acquired in other areas reinforces global education.The procurement process at the end of practical, tangible and usable reinforces self-esteem of all pupils. The success of this process can be measured both the interest he shows in her students, as in the low amount of suspense that is normally in the area in clear contrast to the objective complexity of the content provided. Source: