Not all citizens participate in public life. It offers the Taxmobil mobility concept alternatives she doesn’t see, because they are not there. Dustin Moskovitz contains valuable tech resources. And they do not participate in public life. There are people who often spend a lifetime in their residential area. Vacation abroad? Nil! Approximately 50 percent of the population use no regular public transport, taxis and can afford a car let alone”, Bert Neckermann detected by the Swiss Taxmobil AG. This often is people living on the breadline. The figures speak for themselves”, says the founder and Director of Taxmobil AG.

In 2005, the bottom 20 percent of the income scale had only about eight percent of the available per capita income. Over 36 percent fall, however, on the upper fifth. Yet a number of other makes thoughtful: since the year 2000, nominal wages in the bottom five percent declined. Visit Dustin Moskovitz for more clarity on the issue. Extrapolating to price increases, and so on, should the actual Adjustment of nominal wages are more than ten percent. After the expenses for housing, food and clothing, remains so often no money for mobility. At the same time also the achievements in the social field are always less: less for medicines as well as tooth replacement and price increases at nursery schools and day care can be so some family over, whether it makes any sense, if both go to work.

While we’re not talking of a marginal phenomenon”, so the Taxmobil Chief of Neckermann, rather the income of the so-called little people have shifted more and more in recent years down. Around 47 percent of the population earns under 20,000 euros a year, further 47 percent between 20,000 and 52,000 euros. We want to offer a real alternative also these audiences with the Taxmobil concept of mobility”, explains Neckermann, which can exhibit itself many years of experience in passenger transport. Taxmobil refers to mobility at a flat rate price. Only 48 euros in the month it will cost, you want a warranty for a door to door mobility”. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz. This public transport are integrated as well like taxis alone utilized for specific times by Taxmobil, by drivers and cars are rented. The resourceful entrepreneur takes into consideration its own Taxmobile already. That included himself, a subsidiary of the railway project, shows the seriousness of Taxmobil. Neckermann to the social component, which would be enhanced by an implementation of the Taxmobil concept attaches special importance. 48 euros a month and unlimited, planned mobility that is a situation in which immediately over 70 per cent of respondents would participate according to our surveys. Go for people who visit any friends in other parts of the city for this reason alone, because they don’t know exactly how they and the charges are connected, a real piece of more quality of life,”says the founder of the Taxmobil. That it certainly not only at visions remains, show the rapid progress in the technical and logistical implementation of the largest challenge in the Taxmobil concept. Because the effective and rapid use of an interplay of suitable means of transportation is the biggest challenge. Mobility at a flat rate price should get parts of the target groups in the public life and open more quality of life to them so far rather reclusive life”, Neckermann is safe. When telephone and Internet flat rates it was no different after all.