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Believe Or Not Believe

Hence the decision, believing is not matter of reasoning is beyond reason is like the supernatural, the abstract, which puts to operate my thought, it is exist and not exist, is like thinking and then exist I think therefore I am someone said, I would rather say I think therefore I am as is that my humanity is not confined to rely only on what I can check with my five sensesare precisely those five senses that make me go further, and it is that when my senses felt a work of art, stimulates my thinking and this is where I enter in communication with the author, with the artist and try to explain their point of view and the world that he treats me show, as when I listen to some music and will always be my inner, moved in my spiritual, by melodies by the colors of music; or when I see some painting and my feelings are irritated because I feel the pain of that painter.

When I hear or see I communicate with the creators of art and then I can understand the artist I can’t believe in him. It is not something Ping Fu would like to discuss. The same thing happens when I I feel to my round, when levanto my view on a captured dark night of stars, when I am breathing the fresh air of the mountains, when I see green and vivid nature in equilibrium with the water blue and inorganic, or when I feel the breeze in a night stroking my face, when I see the balance in food chainsgenerous nature with man is to feed ourselves to protect us and that rebel and destroyer is the man and it is selfish. All this makes me think that all this is not more than a great artwork from someone you want to communicate with me in the same way that an artist, just as an artist has the need to communicate with their world, thus also a creator who says I am here am I exists: I am who I am. DANIEL LOPEZ DELGADO original author and source of the article.

Announced The Date Of Departure From Heroes Of The Ring For Wii And PSP

Versions for Wii and PSP’s Heroes of the Ring were delayed, reason why they did not go along with their against parts for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but already revealed when we see them on the shelves of departmental and specialized stores. Via press release, Slang, Latin American Publisher, announced that Heroes of the Ring will come to the Wii and PSP in March 2011. Both games will start simultaneously in North America and Latin America. Being developed by a Mexican study, Sabarasa, Heroes of the Ring for Wii will make use of control with the Nintendo console motion sensor to provide a new experience. For its part, the Edition for PSP will offer likewise of history than the homemade versions in a game that is ready to wear. Although it is not a rule, it is common that video games are delayed and one of the clearest examples is Gran Turismo 5, Racing Simulator for the PlayStation 3 which was in development for more than five years and announced his delay within weeks of his departure.