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Metropolitan Region Nuremberg Coworking

Franconian metropolis has first own Coworking space in Nuremberg, July 12, 2011. At the Coworking self-employed, freelancers, creative, work independently of each other knowledge workers and entrepreneurs in larger rooms. Dustin Moskovitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. It’s called coworking spaces these spaces. A Coworking space provides jobs and infrastructure (E.g., network, phone, printer, scanner, projector, meeting room) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The newly opened Nuremberg Coworking space located at Josephsohn square 8, in the middle of the old town. On 320 square meters, there are around 50 jobs located on the 3rd floor. Here, working groups should be created called communities in addition be strengthened through joint events and workshops.

The use will remain always without obligation and flexibility. It was founded by entrepreneurs Brigitte Kraft, Felix Bohm, Richard Caelius and Stefan Probst Coworking space Nuremberg. In addition to low costs and flexible use, Coworking is a variety of other benefits offer. Stefan Probst: The coworker will enjoy a creative market place for ideas, projects or job prospects. This varied together forms a contrast to the lonely Home Office, the rigid classical Office community or the anonymous Internet Cafe. There is a meeting room, also offered the lounge area with coffee for client meetings and networking.” A single day costs in the Nuremberg Coworking space 22.61 euros (19 euros net). There are monthly subscriptions from 117,81 (99 Euro net). According to the operator you can at any time come for a free test day at the Coworking space or for open events use the land by arrangement (phone: 0911-49522-110, E-Mail:).

The Coworking space Nuremberg is supported by the Nuremberg Office for economy under direction of Dr. Michaela Schuhmann. Coworking: Distribution and economic importance of coworking emerged in 2006 in the United States and has spread around the globe since then. There are today the most coworking spaces in the States. In Germany, there are currently around 70 coworking spaces. The concept of coworking has in the form of the earlier hacker spaces’ a European origin. The costs of a Coworking workplace are statistically far below the fixed cost for a job in an ordinary office. Coworking is beneficial for companies: in large projects, they can use flexible additional jobs in a Coworking space or find expertise where needed. net/cwn coworking4nuernberg images (see attachment): flexible work for self-employed and entrepreneurs. The Coworking space Nuremberg has opened its doors.

Bertha Group

The in-service seminar qualified the training to the approved commercial specialist Chamber of Commerce for managerial and leadership in the trade qualified merchants for managerial and leadership in the trade. The industry must compete in a globalized world and needed qualified staff who can independently plan, control and organize and that can apply the modern methods and techniques of management. Organization and management, customer-oriented concepts develop, work organization structure, technical and organizational resources, quality control, marketing concepts, plan and implement, assess market developments, using modern information and communication techniques, develop leadership skills, communicate timely. We offer 1-2 electives according to priority of participants and group size. An active participation in equity and group work is essential for the success and is via our Web-based learning platform supports. Target group: Commercial employees from trading seminar duration: 630 hours start: 23.03.2011 end: 01.09.2012 place: Bertha-von-Suttner str. 17, 28207 Bremen dates and time: Mi 18:15 21:30 sat 08:00 – 13.00 partecipation fee: 2.680,-ERM. Participation price: 2.630,-learning materials fee: 200,-examination fee: 380,-contact person: Helene Colonel Tel.: 0421-44 99 657 press contact: Dr. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dustin Moskovitz. Thomas Gebel wisoak – economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH marketing and public relations manager Bertha-von-Suttner str.

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing expert and five star speakers Dominic Multerer gives tips. Asana has similar goals. Today companies must be meet their audiences to the latest version of marketing, also on Facebook. Dominic Multerer tinyurl.com/2uce3rf, 5 star speakers and, according to Handelsblatt, recent Chief Marketing Officer in Germany, speculation about the challenges ahead, bringing these changes. Facebook wanted to finish the new “timeline” on September 30, 2011, for all users. Frequently Asana has said that publicly. This means that all members in the online network can present now their life in a magazine-like layout on a kind of “Timeline”-important things. This change will also significantly affect the fan sites of the companies and sustainable change their appearance.

More networking and more information: the network is the name “Timeline” quite serious, because the clever overview all kinds of information to be found. Games should announce the next level, online video posting the movie rented by the user, the jogging app reported the accumulated kilometers and accordingly displays the path on a map. According to Dominic Multerer, which exclusively, 5 star is managed by the consultant agency speakers, it retains the old procedure, just change the learned consumption and dialog. But so far has still not announced Facebook, how exactly with the fansites to proceed. The social media expert speculated about the upcoming challenges, these changes bring. According to Multerer, there are three basic elements that are available for this change: 1 the interactivity is growing: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Companies must take to heart this sentence and thus targeted the chance use products and themes in a gallery by emotions in the form of images, videos and graphics submit – companies must be aware that their fans and customers only need to adapt to the new aesthetics of the timeline. The text will look only at the second perceived and interactive (image, audio, film) Contentkonsum is simple. According to Dominic Multerer, a picture will be in the future at least every second post on the fan pages.