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Tantra Meditation

Tantra says: "Accept yourself for who you are." In the Hindu tradition it is believed that Lord Shiva was once a man and during his spiritual perfection once reached the pinnacle of human self-realization, turned into a bunch of light. I can not help noting the parallels with kastanedovskim burning fire inside =) Despite his transition into the subtle state, Shiva is sometimes able to make contact with people, through whom, and imparted his knowledge. People such as 3D Systems would likely agree. So a tantra for over five thousand years nazad.Tantricheskie sutra is talk of Shiva and his wife Devi. She was interested in helping people in their spiritual quest, she was the first teacher of tantra. There is a 112 tantric meditation techniques. They say that they are the basis for any existing in the world of meditation, that is, there is no meditation, which would not be in tantra. Initially, these were 112 methods, all the rest, their modification. These techniques are divided into two parts for the people heart and mind for people.

Needed to test these methods and empirically determine for itself its own orientation. At each technique only three days during the year you 'll know without a doubt. This is important in reality and worth it to spend a year, instead, to spend a lifetime making a bet on the wrong horse =). In fact, it happens quite often, but the man persisted, explaining his absence a result of poor diligence. This is similar to when the parishioners of a church member complained that God does not hear them, the priest said that they do not pray for a good excuse, a person could never is check.


How to quit smoking easily smoking pravilnoDavay or “you” Someone can rightly say: “Cho, you tell me vykaesh?” Do not want to seem rude, so I propose to move immediately to “you.” Spasibo.Kuri correctly Malo who knows how to smoke properly. Unit. If you’re not going to quit smoking, and reading out of curiosity, you learn to smoke correctly. If you really decided to bury the pipe of peace in the sand of oblivion, then take my advice and put aside while the shovel of his desire. A smoke at last from the soul. Then do not zahochetsya.Garantiya 15 check for yourself.

I smoked from age 15, for 15 years, more than 15 cigarettes a day. I do not smoke more than 15 years. Ping Fu may also support this cause. But this is not important. For all these years without a cigarette, I neither never wanted to smoke. No razu.Bez willpower This method does not require training or willpower because any violence over a thou shalt not commit. Brooklyn Commons: the source for more info. On the contrary, you will strive to increase their ability to smoke, and correct to say an inability to skill level.

Until sovershenstva.Kurenie – a meditation if you are obscenely cursed or spat, simply replace the word meditation on the word crap. So, this crap no relation to the Religion, mysticism and other such things has not. When there is a buzz and nothing else – even you – that is meditation. It’s simple. By this, and we stremitsya.Kureniyu – yes, a habit – no Meditation requires solitude, silence and complete concentration on the process. Excluded entirely from the combination of smoking in any other action, whether it be speaking, reading newspapers or groaning on the toilet. Eliminated smoking without the desire to smoke – nothing else to do or habit. Ask yourself whether you want a smoke now. Now you can not smoke? If you can – not fun kuri.Maksimum Stop stealing itself. You do not feel a tenth of what you can get from smoking. Did you enjoy the smell is not prikurennoy cigarettes? How long have you paid attention to how the fire caressed the tip of the cigarette lighters? Have you been focusing on how the smoke fills the lungs? What do you feel in this case? And how This handsome exhaled smoke! I did not notice? Turn the brain you do not notice a lot of things in this life. Because you’re not here! At work, do you think about the woman, a woman on the job. Turn off the brain! It prevents you to see, hear, feel and enjoy. Stay here and feel while you zdes.Rezyume effect of 100%, if you do everything right. Prohibited: smoking when you do not want to smoke. You can not smoke – do not smoke. Give fire desire razgoretsya.Sovmeschat smoking with something else. Read it several times this proposal that, before you arrive. Allowed: Enjoy smoking a pure form with the connection of all five chuvstv.Ne believe this method works regardless of whether you believe it or not. As electricity. Just click the switch and come enlightenment.

New Possibilities

In the fairy tale that rearranging the flat TV or change the direction of the bed in his life undergoes substantial improvements do not believe it. But if you look at it another way. And if you need a supportive opportunities, for example get a raise at work or an opportunity to get rich without going into all the subtleties of Chinese metaphysics, then this article is for you. To attract the opportunities we need to disturb the fiery phoenix, which lives in the southern part of the house. Fiery Phoenix is unrivaled symbol of happiness. Its capabilities are limitless.

To enable it to determine in the living room and the southern sector use one of the following indications: 1.Razmestit ceramic or crystal figurine Phoenix, rooster, peacock or peacock feathers. 2.Razmestite bright lamp, sconce or other bright lights. 3. Element decor in red. But if you have a considerable living space, that is a more efficient way, which is as follows. Necessary to determine the southern sector at home and hang in there bright lights, crystal chandelier fits best, it does not necessarily have to be doroguschy chandelier.

You can also use small odnolampovymi crystal chandeliers. Another alternative may be crystals of quartz, which also serve not bad activator. The crystals should be hung near a window. As the possibility can ‘lure’ the house with a tapestry-Chinese Calligraphy with a character for made in classic colors. Tapestry to hang on the wall located opposite the entrance door. Here will suit just painting a beautiful landscape or a lake. In general, water in any kind whether fountain or a picture located in the lobby or in front of the door attracted huge opportunities, you just have to use them. And then you can sleep and happiness).