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Night Shifts Seconded The General Strike In The Early Hours Of 14-N

EFE completely paralyzed industries of Cantabria and Aragon. Only the minimum services are operating in the Madrid Metro. Unemployment is still all in construction, industry, energy and power. Electric energy demand falls nearly 9%. Check the minimum services of the day. GRAPHIC: General strikes in democracy.

VOTE: Are going to support the general strike this November 14? FECOMA-CC OO and MCA-UGT trade unions claim that virtually all the major works of infrastructure workers assigned to night shifts seconded the general strike of 14-N, equal to – say – employees of energy companies and power. According to UGT and CC OO, the general strike has paralyzed completely industries of Cantabria and Aragon and with follow-up of more than 90% of workers from the night shift. According to a press release of the Federation of construction, wood and CC OO Afines (FECOMA) and metal, construction and Related of UGT (MCA), the protest is being supported by employees of the night shifts and both unions rely on workers that their companies would be incorporated into the Thursday morning to maintain the strength of this strike. Among major construction sites where workers have decided to strike, unions are that unemployment is still absolute in cement such as Portland Valderribas, Hormicemex, Cemex and Cementos Molins works; in enterprises of construction materials like rock (Madrid and Vigo), and of the wood as the doors standard sector (Soria) and Maderas Iglesias (Vigo). Furthermore, UGT ensures that follow-up to the strike in refuse collection services is being 95% in the main cities of Spain and 90% in post. For his part, Jose Ricardo Martinez, UGT, emphasised the good initial development of the strike and said to journalists that this unemployment probably exceeds in follow-up to the previous general strike from March 29 past.

Working Dogs

Many will have heard of the agility, seen as a sport for working dogs that bypass obstacles and that demonstrate physical qualities and a response to exemplary training. And it is this discipline, today considered a sport with their tournaments, events and a large number of followers, was founded as an educational game. And although we do not consider us to make our dog agility at a competitive level or display, it can be used as a basic activity that meets two primordial aspects: to train and educate and also as physical exercise for the perro.Como said the agility was born as an educational game at a dog show in London at the end of the 1970s, but today has extended his popularity and not is difficult to see in a park dogs jumping, running and enjoying next to their masters, touring and overcoming obstacles. It is a basic game, inspired by the equestrian, but adapted to the dog and with which we can leverage to train them and to have fun and exercise together.<! more > although display or competitive level we can see that a kind of obstacles designed for agility, with a little imagination there is and good mood we can assemble our own obstacle course in the Park, a garden or even if our dog is small and we have enough space we can make it at home. Of course, as any educational game requires patience and there will be dogs that demonstrate more interest than others, but with perseverance we can get our dog to get agility, get exercise, learn to follow our indications and, of course, to share with us a very rewarding game time. Can all dogs practice agility? As indicated, it’s pose an obstacle course that the dog will have to overcome following the path that indicate you and teach, to what use signals Visual, palms so we guide you and the dog go learning recorrido.Como physical activity is recommended to all types of dogs need daily exercise, but logically there is no limitation to any breed or size.

Term Follows

A Council is given, and is received by conviction. It should not surprise us, that in this dimension while we journey all is possible, moreover, there are those who say that all this writing and simply touches us act according to the journal of our life. The truth, that we should not surprise, that with regard to emotions, feelings that everyone must experience in any of its manifestations, especially in affective ties, specifically, what couple is concerned, we face given the reality that one day say: everything ended, of that came at this time which is us had destined to be togethermany times, by personal decisions, where one of the players determines that it is in the end, that should not be together either because a reality to which we are all doomed is evident, as is the physical disappearance, came to our last day of life and we must separate ourselves. Certainly, we are subject to this reality face anytime, that our time has concluded, we must separate us and where we must know we both share it optimally evaluate, what was his legacy, which both grew up, how happy were, how we learned our opportunity; Thus, as in that we were wrong, that errors we made, in where we neglect, that contribute towards our growth. Not the slightest doubt, that the fact some already having experienced the end of a relationship, often because there was no understanding, simply because it was not given the necessary attention, care that she demanded, invited to consider, the why it came to a final decisicion, that there is nothing to do, all invited to assess where we were wrong the why they came to that decision, most when it has been product of our inattention, of having not grown, simply consider that everything was long-lasting and we were always going to stay in it.