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Real Estate Videos

A practical, innovative and democratic services for real estate sellers landlords. FILDERSTADT. Additional information is available at Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. “The unique video animations for portrayals of real estate, as INNOVATION product 2008 the initiative Mittelstand” awarded, was extended to 3D-Darstelungen. “Under the name of VIP-PRE”, the company in Filderstadt, near Stuttgart developed the innovative service video idea production “for the appearance of residential, business, hotel and holiday homes. The combination with photos, videos, 3D, music, and the floor plans of the sales or rental objects is new to the multimedia presentation. Commits the viewers of the videos”the object virtual and real from room to room and receives parallel getting information about the floor plan and the location of each displayed image sequences.

“” With the videos we offer a contemporary alternative and complement to printed exposes “or the classic indicator”, reported idea Ernst G. Heldele, the owner of video production. The modern representations offer real benefits, not only for used objects, but now also for new objects. Indicates that the provider with the time go with the moving images and help potential buyers or tenants in the effective search for their dream home. Because the videos an impression so precise, that no time-consuming on-site visits are required in the first stage. “” Because we prepare the key information and visualize floor plans and objects “, stresses Ernst G. Heldele, everyone can save valuable time.” “The video producer is convinced that after the film show” only really interested in the provider will register. Also the market is connected with these videos actually worldwide, because the movies through the combination of layout animation and optical appearance, without (foreign) language comments come from.

Even extensive descriptions are no longer necessary. Particularly noteworthy are the new possibilities with 3D images. The idea was basically to visualize not representable objects”, so Ernst G. Heldele. Because it would make little sense to show empty spaces. Also so far not zeigbare or inaccessible rooms and objects would suddenly get a visualized optics. Of course new objects, there is still no real representation where home.” Where can the VIP PRE videos be used? Here, the Internet is called in the first place. Because what is closer to present such videos on the World Wide Web. In addition, they can show up at the Office or shop window or can be attached to an expose. Even as memory, memory or information present for himself, family members and friends, the videos can bring much attention. The company video idea production offers its services to private people. For this, a support of films on the Internet is applied on request.

Building Interest

Whither the trip for future home builder? In the euro area is fiscally to reckon with new movements and blame for this is not only that the Greece crisis, but also the economic problems of other Member States. In European financial markets risk tolerance against the background of Greece restructuring in the recent past has declined basically strong. Many investors have sold off their shares and have increasingly resorted to investments in fixed-income securities. German Government bonds are among the most coveted papers and the increased demand has led to rising bond prices. Parallel circulation interest of German Government bonds have fallen and that within a few weeks of 3.49 to 3.05 percent. ures-peter-zalewski-4291.php’>real-estate developer here. By the same author: 3D Systems. Because the construction interest development based on long-term government bonds, the effective annual rate of interest could develop for construction money with ten-year fixed-rate cheap.

The still booming economy, rising employment, growing exports and full Order books help the economy to a stable economic development, so many people over an interim construction interest low can look forward. However, this favorable phase will not long hold if the European Central Bank actually again should raise interest rates in the third quarter. Financial experts see already a prime lending rate of 1.50 percent, resulting in that circulation yields on German bonds, sustainably and the construction interest, will increase. Parallel to this development, financial experts see a further economic growth, which could rise to at least 3.6 percent in the second half of the year 2011. The Greece crisis has helped first and foremost, that future homeowners through attractive construction money can look forward. Just for this reason, many capital investors has decided to take the safe route and to create in bunds.

Who wants to invest in your own four walls, the Dent should”use and located in construction financing for a long Of ten years or longer to decide interest rate. Even if the lease at a later time to fall back, the legislator makes sure that after ten years of a loan can be rolled over, when a full withdrawal has taken place and this without an expensive early repayment penalty. Borrower, which are in the interest rate, can also use the short period of this interest dent to secure favourable conditions for the financing of their connection. Many lenders offer lead times of up to 60 months and especially Sicherheitsorientierte forward loan termination option to provide an additional security buffer.

Deutsche Annington

Study by TNS Emnid on behalf of Deutsche Annington shows strong regional differences in the saving of heating costs and avoiding energetic misconduct Lower Saxony are spenders: 81% save on heating costs Hesse TNS Emnid avoid energetic misconduct asked for Deutsche Annington 1,000 households nationwide 66% of Germans have responded to the rising energy costs and adjusted their burning behaviour. While some strong regional differences: in Bavaria, 68% of citizens trying to save on heating costs, in North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse are 70% and 71%, respectively. Front-runner is according to survey Lower Saxony with 81%. See more detailed opinions by reading what 3D Systems offers on the topic.. Half of the tenants in Germany (51%), as long as possible, delaying the beginning of the heating season. In Hesse and Bavaria the Federal average reflected with 50%; also in North Rhine-Westphalia, similar to many households to this measure access with 52%. Alternatively, 42 percent of German citizens reduce the temperature in the apartment, there are even 64% to reduce the energy costs in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In the free State of Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania lower However, only around 19% room temperature. The Deutsche Annington poll, that some savings measures contribute to energetic misconduct: over a third of the Germans were completely turning off the heating when leaving the apartment and almost 10% less air. In Bavaria, there were even 37% of respondents who completely turned off the heating. The Hesse with intelligent heating and air behavior to know seem especially good: only a quarter let the heating completely off, only 3% of Hesse, to ventilate their homes less. Rooms are not sufficiently ventilated, occur frequently to the mold and moisture damage in the apartment. Molds can however also be caused if the apartment is not sufficiently heated”, says Philipp Schmitz-waters, spokesman of the Deutsche Annington. Ulrich Ropertz, spokesman of the German tenants Association therefore recommends: to the cold season, it may happen that come to high costs to the tenant.

Residential Grade Cooperates With Myimmo

A successful partnership for selling real estate in Leipzig, 04.02.2013 – living level knows how to move the property in every respect in the right light, myimmo is a young and dynamic real estate portal based in Leipzig. February 2013, the two companies work together and create a perfect Alliance for the sale of real estate. A new dimension in the real estate market is created by the collaboration. “This partnership expands existing potentials. The customers of both companies can a significant benefit reach. “, says Tatjana Saffier, owner of residential grade. The real estate portal myimmo offers a Germany-wide, comfortable placement of apartments and houses in the purchase and rental sector.

Real estate agents and customers appreciate the rapid response to customer requests and trends. Residential grade has a long experience in the field of home staging and can look back on a number of successfully completed projects. Through the nationwide networking with other home staging agencies living level has the opportunity the professional home also Stager to recommend. What is home staging? Home staging is the all-around perfect presentation of a real estate for sale and lease. Potential buyers gain a good impression and get a feel for the atmosphere of the property.

Inhabited rooms, which bear the stamp of the current owner, sell is often slow. Too much, the establishment characterizes the mood on photos and on the real tour. Completely empty apartments are, however, often lifeless and unbeseelt. With home staging is the right mix: the apartment shows broadcast, is however sufficient free space for the imagination of the customers. The company residential degree since 2009 supports residential grade real estate seller in Leipzig and its surroundings. The offer is aimed both to private and commercial real estate. Home staging is the secret with the real estate shows from its best side. Residential grade is expert, and a house or an apartment when it comes to develop a feel for spaces, to highlight the strengths of a property style and Presence to give.