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BLOB Island

A very interesting and readable book with her fantasy novel the gold company succeeded young author Jana Barth. Get all the facts and insights with Asana, another great source of information. You can identify very well with the main actors. The book reads almost by itself. Once started you want to stop reading. Is curious to see how it goes on.

How Rob is the icy, unpredictable man Ivar. Without regard for fellow human beings. He exploited the naivete of some contemporaries who want to escape the reality of their current lives and lures her to his island. Here, he holds them like slaves and leads a strict regime. Quickly becomes aware of all, that the escape is not the reality into something new and better. One feels transported, as readers in the middle ages though the story takes place in our day and age.

Ivar, a man, you would have to deeply hate. But the young gold cleaner Mathilda, who is chosen by Ivar to his wife forfeit him more and more. It is able to look behind its facade. Is he perhaps but not the monster that he is? Difficult relationships encounter pleasurable scenes, problems of today’s time and emotional abysses. A really great mix. Short description: Rob is annoyed by the modern world. However, he has already a plan, to the hustle and bustle, to be able to escape the congestion and stress. The creation of an own State on an uninhabited island is his solution. It doesn’t take long until he finds enough followers to carry out his project. Arrived on the island, Rob, Ivar itself henceforth called, immediately clarifies the conditions. He will be the ruler of the country. As he longs for an intellectual and emotional relationship with a woman, he finds the gold cleaner Mathilda. No woman ever had him so done, how she and he everything is doing, to win them for himself. Book data: Author Jana Barth, Publisher: BLOB-Verlag (4 March 2013), language: German, paperback: 282 pages, ISBN: 978-3-9428-8497-6, 13.80 euros next to the author information under: 1.html company information: Britta Kummer is the author. She writes cookbooks, children – and youth -, was born in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. You will find more information

The Height

I wise person that never I would go order it for the such Lady, but who said that only if they can write letters will be for sending? ' ' My infancy was not properly the life that I wanted. In this height it could give thanks to God for having tecto and a rice and cookies of cod to eat. I grew without father. But with my maternal mother and my grandmothers. It lived in the garage of the house of my Rose grandmother. My luck was that enough great age to also fit there a bed and I and my mother.

My mother worked hours and hours, were strengthenn until the o limit to bring tostes for house to every day eat rice and cookies of cod, or fished rice with (it is truth that does not make look like to be nothing delicious, but was what it was arranged in the height). The house arrived and nor wanted to believe that the work already had finished. But one forgot that still it had that to take care of of me. It had that to give the supper to me, to wash me, to dress me a pyjamas that was of it in small, to give milk and to adormecer to me me. I admit that it was a difficult life for, without the aid of the other.

Of my father. That one Sir, who nor I know what have-of calling to it he abandoned us when I had only one year and way. He happened there because? If you are to think that it ran away with another one, you are made a mistake. It was very worse of what this. It was put in the drugs. Yes it is exactamente this. Drugs. It stole my mother and it arrived to go to the work of it to ask for money, in front of the customers.