The graphical design arises among the professional schools like a necessity before the technological advances and increasing needs to communicate in any case. Credit: Ping Fu-2011. Within the services that can offer the graphical design, the development of Web sites is one of the specialties to turn a virtual space into a true tool of work being implemented elements such as partial or global carts of purchase, Intranet and dynamic administrators. The graph does not have because to limit itself something printed. Daryl Katz will not settle for partial explanations. It is more, the graph can incorporate movement and sound this is novel the ingenious thing that does to the graphical design something totally innovating. Among others things, a graphical designer can offer to services to companies design and advising in: Design Multimedia: Developments of pages Web, Web sites or vestibules, presentations multimedia, banners and Newsletter, product photography, panoramic 360 of products and atmospheres, administration contained for pages Web.

Graphical design: Logos, isotipos, identity corporative, institutional pamphlets, diptyches, triptyches, catalogues, folders, flyers, warnings, drawn on a map of vinyls, gigantografas, posters frontlight, backlight, marquees, graph to carry, product photography. Industrial design: Product products, exhibidores, merchandising, packaging, graph. Architecture: Work planes, remodelings, construction and direction, qualifications, stands, construction representations 3d for architects, real estate or companies. Systems: Development of systems to size, development of control tools and administration for Web sites. The graphical designer is a specialistic professional and in his subject. And how enthusiastic by the work one always is to the vanguard of the technology and his applications. He knows and he counts on the experience necessary to be able to advise it in the tools and the type product that you and your company need.

The schools of professionals give more and more alternative for whom they are undecided at the time of making a decision in the future near. Thus the graphical design arises. Next some of the areas in which the graphical design specializes When a pamphlet is designed apply to a great amount of graphical methods and technical experience; but what really difference to the graphical designer, is the vocation to understand and to learn on the subject that is going to upset in him.