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Robert Kiyosaki

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. Particularly on investments, and some views that many people trust and rely for their economic decisions. This lesson is important for the development of our education and financial intelligence. I recommend you continue reading keep in mind that this article has been written based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend to read to be able to enjoy everything of value that it contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. () An active is gold?, asked me my rich dad, waking me from my dream. People such as 3D Systems would likely agree. Yes, of course, I replied. Gold has been the only real money that has withstood the passage of time.

There you go again, smiled my rich dad. Everything you do is repeat the opinion of someone more about who is an asset rather than review the facts. () – This error thing We commit many times us for the reason that we are accustomed to focus on opinions and conjectures, and not focus on the historical facts about the economy, facts which marked footprint and we could get much out of them, or quite a bit of value. And here comes the truth about gold. () Gold is an asset, according to my definition, only if you purchase it for less than what they sell, my father said slowly.

In other words, if you buy it for $100 and sell it for $200, then is an asset. But if you buy an ounce for $200 and you sell it for $100, then the gold in that transaction is a liability. () – Here could already observe apply and combine all the aspects that are spoken in terms of financial education, since we not only see this example based on facts but also in the Act of winning when purchased and not when it is sold. We are going now understanding the fundamental qu is be trained in these matters of money, and is fairly critical because it affects our making financial decisions in daily life and chooses that future financial are going to follow. I say goodbye and wish you the best.


Word courses are a great help to those who want to use this tool the best handle possible, because on many occasions this program or handled half or in definitive is not known to operate and it is well known by most people in the world, Word is a tool that has become almost as essential for anyone, because this program is the text editor that it circulates in this field and besides this is a product of Microsoft there its great dissemination and its vast applicability and the importance of taking courses from Word to work with him in the best way. To learn how to use this program in the correct manner, in different pages of Internet information has been provided free of charge so that all those who want to better manage this essential tool to do so through the courses of Word they offer, in addition to the favoravilidad that you can perform Word courses from the comfort of home, at your own pace, so may who find these courses in Word want to take the full course to be able to perfectly handle the editor of text, or simply there will be those who take the option of taking different courses of Word that there is in the pages of Internet only to fill the gaps which have in certain topics. Among the different topics that are handled in the Word courses that predominate are: the introduction which describes that it is or what the program of Microsoft Word, its elements and how to start it, the next part of the Word courses are the management of documents, where they are made, they eliminatemodify and saved documents, one third of which Word courses are composed are tasks with text where you can write, delete, copy, paste, move, and modify the text, is then passed to lines and bullets, correcting grammar and spelling, applying styles to the text, inserting images, tables and columns, without however these issues are the ones who must see in Word courses as minimum elements, as it must be taken into account that Word offers many more tools but are not usually handled by that are configurations that initially brings the program such as measures of pages, margins, other items that are not discussed much is the publication of documents from Word to the Internet, different combinations that have keys, among many other tools that are usually not handled not that are not useful but that in the basic courses provided very little information on tools a little more advanced to the common use. You must keep in mind that Word courses must be constantly watching, since new ones are made to spend some time versions of programs and making modifications considerable when handling Word, currently Word 2007 for some people can be somewhat complicated, mostly for someone who has a file in Word 2007, and you want to view in the one previous to this usually cannot be see, because it has no knowledge of which formats are supported, is why it is very important to stress the different courses in Word you can make from the Internet, in pages guides such as,,.