Aboard the ship is where performs its first presentation in public, at the age of 13, playing tango: silence in the night, accompanied by another passenger a santiaguera concert pianist. Several Spanish emigrants come with her. All later with the passing of time recognize it from the boat, and is recurdan of that action. Cuban radio station Cmq-radio started the 1st of December 1937 a program of amateur – directed by Jose Antonio Alonso-call: the Court Supreme of art, which was very popular at that time there were talent, real national stars. As a peculiar characteristic contestants were eliminated through the touch of a campaign. Rosita asked and insisted one and thousand times enable their parents participate, until he convinced them. On September 12, 1938 was presented in the studies of Monte and Prado, singing milonga the daughter of Juan Simon accompanied by the Andalusian Manolo pulled on guitar.

That day was born for art: Rosita Fornes and not played you the campaign. Thus arises that star, that has become a myth of Cuba. He would then begin his artistic preparation receiving music lessons with Juan Antonio Camara; singing with tenor Mariano Melendez and the teachers Lalo Elosegui, Dominicis and Dalmau; acting with the great actress Enriqueta Sierra and dances with Margarita Lecuona. With the emerging stars of the program, it continued to participate – as amateur – radio programs and in national tours led by German Pinelli. With the same group, he participated in the choir and danced in the contradanza in a sunset of Cecilia Valdes (Roig) – paper that would make Estrellita Diaz – that the own maestro Gonzalo Roig, performed at the National Theatre (today Sala Garcia Lorca in the Gran Teatro de La Habana).