The concept of security technology is indeed known to many, but what exactly is it The security technology employed in the most exposed to risks of a modern industrial society, where both the man and his environment. She focuses especially on such risks that are associated with the use of technology, the operation of industrial plants and the handling of materials. Of course there are also legal requirements for safety technology, which should be directed. These are mainly the work – that the safety and health protection during work, as well as those provisions intended to protect the environment. Under the concept of safety equipment are often understood the information security or physical protection. Physical serve the most alarms, motion detectors, etc. These are mounted alarms or motion detectors, not only in banks, jewelry stores, or other such objects. Even in households, such as apartments or houses, alarm systemsinstalled. Here they are intended primarily to protect the people living there and the protection of property. The alarm system is used in both cases – in banks and in private homes – even to prevent an assault or theft. Thus, acoustic signals are to deter burglars. Even using such signals should be made aware of the surroundings. Alarm systems in general deterrent effect of such acts and perpetrators. The interpretation of the safety technology as resilience, reliability and availability will be used if it is in respect of machinery or equipment in the industrial sector. Generally, care should be taken to ensure that the agreement of all parties have the same interpretation of the concept of security technology.