Scenes of the film of my life Know these days where wake up and for some reason in we give account to them of the Real meant of the things that surround in them? Yes, these days where we place our feet in the soil and leave of side our dreams and illusions? Therefore it is, today was this day pra me; A simple day, sunny, same routine, same people, however for some reason here it is that my thoughts had started to take account of me and when I gave to account a film twirled in my mind. One has filmed of all the sorts, for all the gostos, with scenes of terror to the comedy, drama the action romance until scientific fiction, a film that really vessel I know if it would be Record of ticket office, but it made me to concerteza to reflect if what I am making of my life this being valid the penalty and most worse, amongst the scenes of the past and gift of my life, a fear chill I felt, I was a fear of the stranger, of what he is for coming, and he was there that I stopped to reflect. In this reflection I could see that my life this being valid imposes a fine on yes! that the fear that I come feeling is normal, therefore I am directing to carry through one of the dreams of my life and it is in the hour to show everything what I have learned, I will have that to learn to walk with my proper feet, I will have that to know to find my proper destination, to fight for my ideals to obtain my place to the sun. In fact, I do not know will be an easy task, but I always liked a new challenge! more, I know that I can count on people who always are close to me supporting, me and if God to want will obtain to be successful plus this stage of my life..