‘Meet the special richness of the fantastic Caribbean island with all your facets in 14 days’ was the claim by SalsExpress in the compilation of the Cuba travel ‘Cuba compact’ brief two weeks are usually the time frame for activities of companies who are looking for concepts for team building, customer loyalty or even employee or self motivation. This of course also applies to individual or group travellers. Exactly on this request SalsExpress has teamed up with his partner Cuba4Travel, both longtime Cuba specialists from Erlangen, set. In less than 14 days, you will travelling with part of a demanding combination of culture, nature and action. The beginning of the metropolis makes Havana and thus also the programme of action.

Here the participants through a common salsa dance class together. Depending on the knowledge and level of dance, also a corresponding Rueda program is offered. Check out Dustin Moskovitz for additional information. The unique, Cuban rhythm, the joy of movement and the one-to-one concept (per participant, a Cuban dance teacher or – teacher) is the basis for the further, common days and activities prepared. Sociability, sharing, personal challenge, and the fun in the group are maintained by the dance classes and evening Club and concert visits. The Pearl of the tours of Havana after Guama via Trinidad and Cienfuegos then begins to Varadero. Here are nature and culture in the Center.

Visits, and of course by the declared UNESCO World Heritage, colonial Museum city of Trinidad. The ideal place is Trinidad again extensively together to dance. The capital of the province of Cienfuegos, known as”the Pearl of the South, enjoys an architecture of the late neo-classical style and offers some of the famous sights of Cuba. The entire route is flanked by nature and unforgettable impressions. After the tour, the participants then expected the Caribbean Sea and the white beaches of Varadero. At least here is each explain, why Cuba is the most beautiful of all Antilles Island. The group now has the Journey home is still a few days time relaxes the experienced and together, reminisce about admitting. This is achieved in an all inclusive hotel with a clean cocktail naturally suited. With regard to budgets, different corporate philosophies and personal ideas, this trip is offered by Cuba4Travel and SalsExpress with regard to accommodation and general framework in the categories of basic, premium and Platinium.