Madrid, Spain, February 11, 2011 during the past 25 years, and in order to improve the educational offer and adapt to the new times, this booklet – which somehow constitutes the reference in international education sector-has evolved to become what is. It’s a careful selection of courses, broadcast almost all exclusively on the Spanish market by ASTEX, carried out in the most prestigious institutions in the world, and that cover all the needs of both in the field of language training, as in school and university education. As major developments in the United Kingdom, we have combined course of English and English camp programs. For us, they are added to the brochure, level of Harvard or Yale universities. In addition, and thinking of those students who with 16 years proficient in one or two languages perfectly, and look for formulas that will enable them to further improve their language, and to acquire new both educational and personal experiences, ASTEX has deepened in that direction, reaching an exclusivity agreement with the Rustic Pathways leading American company in the Organization of programs of adventure and community service for youth 15 to 18 years throughout the world.