Like any other business, the question arises as to what can be saved. In this case, we only talk about the opportunities that can not drop the quality of work. You can also save on materials, especially because the market has a number of analogues. Let’s say there are expensive sealing compounds produced in the usa. And there are domestic, not much different in quality, but cheaper. Sometimes the prices of domestic supplies is 4 times lower than the imported ones. 3D Systems has firm opinions on the matter. Of course, foreign firms are doing their best to convince our dentists use it to produce. And many doctors opinion that the foreign materials still advantageous relatives, more convenient, easier to use, have more natural colors. In addition, doctors are accustomed to work with certain materials and try to buy it of them.

Country’s leaders in the market filling materials: Germany, Switzerland, America. Leading countries in the dental equipment market: Germany, Italy, Japan. Yield Judging by the number of clinics opened annually This business is very profitable. Of course, there is no guarantee that all hospitals are equally high level of service. Because the number of visitors varies widely. Exact figures are difficult to name here. But observations show that the average busy office with a chair in a rented room actually recoup up to 1 year. Here we come to the main question – how your clinic can grow a steady supply of customers? Opinion As a rule, large clinics receive clients through the insurance company with which they contract. Small clinics and dental offices are working, we can say on personal relationships. Therefore, the main person in the clinic – it is a good, respected, and having regard reputation as a doctor. Without such a specialist or your office will be empty, or turn into a thoroughfare. Stanislav Shkuratov, dentist Incidentally, a couple of years ago in our country, there was All-Russian Association of Physicians private practice.

Maybe you have to work all goes smoothly and nobody’s advice you do not need. But if still you on something stumble, you can contact them. Activists The Association was founded in the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Commission for the market development of health services, together with the Union of Private Hospitals Russia formed the Federal Council on the private health system, formed the Expert legal advice provides advice of the private health system. The Association operates a non-profit partnership “The Federal nonprofit mutual insurance company in health care.” For providing private medical institutions with modern medical technology company created by the Federal medical leasing. What’s more important, the association has improved the system of pre-authorization conflicts between users and implementers of health services, developed the Interim Rules for voluntary conciliation of disputes between consumers and implementers of health services. In addition to all of Association formed a committee on licensing, certification and qualification.