Take the time to silence internal trade scenarios are identified by a well marked in their pro shops, where companies provide the best of the best, ranging from good technology, guaranteed products with good quality and productivity, skilled human resources, satisfaction requirements demanded by consumers and of course, by having a well-prepared modern managerial leadership, able to interpret the challenges, namely opportunities.

We have stated on other occasions, the leading modern management is fully committed to its responsibility to perform functions in addition to having a positive attitude to cultural diversity and globalization of markets and societies to be effective in all their environments, how to interpret the impact of contingent variables, state intervention, for example, in the case of Venezuela, where the performance of this is consistent with actions, actions that generate and have seriously affected the organizational behavior many enterprises, specifically SMEs, where many of them have felt seriously affected in their operations. Managerial leadership is considered as the process of directing the work activities of the members of a group and to influence them, to optimize outcomes favoring all. These practices are the result of a long process of research and experience on settling the exercise of managerial role. They combine the scientific basis of the Theory of Requisite Organization with the best understanding of these processes achieved by top-level executives over the years. Daryl Katzs opinions are not widely known. It tells us that these practices define simply and clearly what a manager should do to ensure its leadership on his team.