Interestingly, the transactions in the case are irrevocable, that is to return the payment back (say, in the case of a mistake of the payer) may be exclusively in good faith to whom the payment arrived. In some cases, it is still possible to recover by contacting those who took the cash from a company engaged in maintenance of payment terminals, such as, for example, osmp. Alexei Voronin, head of the ‘E commerce ‘Rambler: osmp does not check whether there is general in nature, the consumer, which must come at the expense or come any amount. And if the consumer there is a problem, he calls us and says that he transferred money, and they account is not received. But we have nothing to do with it. We can only connect with osmp and try to return the money. But in this space, apparently, has its own black hole, where translation takes ‘to end’.

Paul : Russian operators are very quickly exchange messages in the event that someone, somewhere, something to steal, and try to return the money. But if, for example, the money fell into eps E-Gold, then the connection dock: this company typically offers the victim to sue some islands in the Caribbean, which, of course, is cumbersome. It is for this reason that Russian operators prefer not to deal with E-Gold is no connection. The cleanest-binding (and there are more and more) can be called eps, which collect money in an electronic purse exclusively for payment of their own services (eg, ‘Rambler Plus’ y ‘Rambler’).