That is, that we do not have FIAR to us. But, they exist or they do not exist sites from where saving? to believe to some rigorous studies, only with eliminating the administrative duplicity that entails the State of the autonomies they would save 24,000 million; it is to say, 2.4% of the national GIP: more of the double of the fiance’ by Zapatero to the EU. On the modest scale of our Community, we have 37 public companies in the budgets and probably another hundred outside onerous and dispensable them, in the majority of the cases. He is permissible, for example, the cost of Nou Channel, so shot as the one of anyone of the other 25 existing public televisions in Spain? Only Castile and Leon do not have a channel of public ownership, with the saving that it supposes. But there is more. It is logical that the city councils of the three provincial capitals and their respective delegations employ 294 advisers with a cost of 12.2 annual million? So little preparations are the elect politicians? So incompetent are the thousands of civil servants whom they have had to surpass an opposition? Only with doing without contracted finger politicians without office nor benefit, relatives and paniaguados we would be avoided to have to remove that money from another site. Speaking of delegations, they are essential these in the administrative organization of nowadays? Great municipalities not need them, and small, if services were grouped and shared as Rafael Blasco proposes conseller, also could do without them and the waste who entail. They already see, then, that there is much fabric that to cut and that, given the meager thing of this space, will be necessary to continue doing it another day. Original author and source of the article.