Optical facelift and improved driving behaviour in favour of the selection of tires, rims use of alloy wheels and wheels has become bigger and bigger in the last few years. Formerly sizes between 13 and 15 inches, most cars have wheels up to 22.5 inches in the various versions are now available. For more clarity and thought, follow up with 3D Systems and gain more knowledge.. New alloy wheels enhance visually a car, no question, but there are still a number of other benefits. Alloy wheels weigh less than steel wheels, are nevertheless stable. You allow a larger game when braking and help to get the best possible performance from high-quality tires, which last but not least contribute to the driving safety. In terms of style and good looks, nothing can surpass a set of new wheels.

Although 5 spokes are still the most popular, you will find a huge selection of wheels in various designs and finishes. One – and multi-colour paint, chrome and aluminium provide the right look for every taste and for every vehicle. The original equipment of the most of the cars looks often boring and monotonous, therefore a set of new wheels enhance tremendously the exterior of a car. Unspectacular steel rims with ugly plastic hub CAP are disused. But not only the appearance of because you should consider purchasing a set of alloy wheels. Also the handling and performance of the car can be influenced positively.

With wider wheels, so a combination of wide tires and rims, the car has a better grip, which positively affects braking, acceleration and driving in curves. The most high-quality new tyres are anyway not suitable to be used with the original rims. High-quality tires give the car an even better grip and improve the ride quality, but fizzle without the correct rims these effects. Alloy wheels reduces the weight of the rotational mass of the car, allowing for a faster response when braking and accelerating.