Neil Stolovitzky, senior solution specialist at the project management software maker genius inside, discusses in his latest white paper what companies in the conversion notice. Lindau, Germany the role of the planning project manager of that takes care of details, project organization, budget and timeliness, dropped on agile project management and occurs in its place is self-determinant and-organisierendes team. Stolovitzky describes how the redistribution of responsibility and tasks can be performed and what enterprises should pay attention. As keywords, he calls the concepts of self-organisation”and simplification” and referring to be self-managing teams and shared responsibility as a policy strategy for Agile project management. According to Stolovitzky, flat hierarchies and the confidence in the motivation of employees are the core of agile project management. Traditionally working project manager must come to terms with a new role. Stolovitzky explains that leadership and guidance as the project manager in the agile Project management fall away.

He prepares the thesis that agile methods put a far more strategic approach with it, as. Him to have agile methodology while on a structure that is not bound to certain practices, but with a fair role and shared responsibility waiting, where the motivation and approach of each involved can contribute to extraordinary success of project. The involvement of all stakeholders Stolovitzky considers further strategy component that leads to improved collaboration and transparency. Stolovitzkys white paper introduces companies and project managers on agile project management and attention to risks.