Expert meeting from 8 to Nov. 9 2011 Professional program management in Frankfurt is still uncharted territory in many companies. A large number of companies are already happy, if the individual projects, but program management provides additional requirements: the integration of several projects aimed at a common goal. For the first time in the German-speaking world of the Conference the Institute of project management picks up on the theme of “ProgrammManagement” and provides it in the two-day expert meeting for discussion among experts (November 8-9, 2011 in Frankfurt). The background: In addition to project portfolio management and the strategic capacity management there is the management of integrated project families a further variant of the multi project management. “It comes, one ‘ to conduct fleet strategic multiple related projects”, explains Professor Hasso Reschke. These projects are processed one at a time and led, connected but varied, about the results of each Projects, sharing limited resources and the strategic objective of the programme. Typical examples of such project programs are reorganization and cost-cutting programs, integration programme after a merger or product development and investment programmes, often in international dimension.

Experts from companies such as media-Saturn, Borealis Group (Vienna), Siemens, Deutsche Telekom and Hella will deliver on this new topic approaches and practical experience. To get the participants in the expert about the contemporary managed networked project program to inform and to share. More information about this expert meeting are available at. Institute of project management