An event as important as the wedding itself, in any event not to be missed. Therefore, even if the pregnancy was taken by surprise he is not a reason to refuse itself to fun. The bride is the Center and decorate any wedding, so that in addition to suselevados requirements imposed.However, in the case of pregnant unanovia, in addition to the criterion of beauty comes into play the factormas important is comfort. Even if a short period of time, is not yet worth the buy? ?????? with a hard cast. Stay in the best psevdokorsete, which only controls the size. Also very important is the weight of the dress.

Choose the fabric easier, because the situation is very difficult to dress heavy throughout the day. Therefore, it is better to renounce the wedding dresses by large natural fabrics. No matter how beautiful that are, this option will bring you the inconvenience of the most important day in your life. It is better to stop at the light, dresses. If the registry of all no doubt wants to use a bridal silk fabric classics and taffeta, the option can be useful with two wedding dresses. Take a dress light and comfortable for dinner and then change garment that the first dance of youth.

Thus, during the first quarter of the nearly invisible belly, and you will be able to pay any dress for a wedding, not utyagivayasmucho. It is not very big in the belly of the second quarter. At this stage is very suitable wedding dress is one larger size, or an empire, the expansion below the breast. In the womb third quarter already restricts movement. This period will bring special? ?????? ??? ??????????dressed in an expansion inserted in the chest and abdomen, also are suitable and the empire waist. If you are really recovered, don’t worry, in this appropriate dress case a silhouette with bare shoulders, the extension of the low. The beauty of breast enhancement increases and divert attention from the rounded belly help V neck neckline. Try to avoid excess of accessories, crinolines, ribbons and roses just be rounded up and heaviest of its silhouette. Simple and fluid, matte surface, fine lace fabrics highlight the best and show the advantages of his mother. If you have a thin girlfriend, then is given an excellent opportunity to show your legs, because it is now shorter evening gown at the peak of its popularity. Also it is worth playing with the color of wedding dresses. Beige, white, pink, ivory does not look silly in a white dress as the snow of innocence. In addition, it is possible to do so without any veil or veil a bit limited. But if I cannot imagine my wedding without veils, discard prejudices, now the veil has become a common accessory that complements the image of the bride. And most importantly, not geroystvovat at his own wedding, or It can be converted into torture. If it is difficult to walk with high heels, it is better to give preference to small and elegant heels. Shoes must be raznoshennymi and tested. In any case, it makes sense bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes.