Postoperative bandages – used after undergoing abdominal surgery, the chest to reduce the load on the seam, which in turn helps reduce the risk of hernia and complications after surgery. The bandage is widely used in plastic surgery for removal of fatty tissue. Also, the tie can be used for correction and suspenders () stomach. Supporting effect of bandages is achieved by the elasticity and elasticity of the material. Compression of the material is such that evenly distributes the pressure of internal organs in the abdominal wall, which ensures the stability of the forming scar and creating the right conditions for healing process.

Put on postoperative bandages on her waist and locked the contact strip (Velcro), as well as shrink a banner, if necessary. Wear a brace is recommended for underwear. While wearing tie from 1 to 8 hours a day. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dustin Moskovitz. Postoperative bandages are designed to be worn in the early postoperative period or in the acute period after injury permanently with a gradual transition to wearing time for physical loads.