No matter how hard the expressions if point to be neutral in some aspects, to if contextualizarem in the space of the announcement they start to display its concepts, ideas and values; in persuasiva way they display its ideology. As. The relations between sign, ideology and construction of the persuasivo speech are, therefore, next to what we imagine. Valley to say, since the choice of the words until the organization of the phrases, passing for the choice and disposal of the reasonings and the subjects throughout the texts, we cover a way of innumerable possibilities to compose itself to the persuasiva order and of persuation of the speeches. (CITELLI 2007, p.36). The decade of 1970 was a period of great agricultural exodus, the families comings of the field had been lodged in the urban centers of precarious form, causing certain problem in the supplying economy agricultural, had the strong external influence in the industrial sector the families had looked to a place in the industries, leaving the field for second plain.

However, the government promotes a supplying campaign, where in the periodical Post office of the People (1975, p.2), he is published in the following way: ' ' The purple lands of the Paran, where everything that plants of, … the federal government this initiating this week a supplying campaign, prioritizing the agriculturists, who want to have lucratividade' ' , it is noticed in this acknowledgment that the government tried to convince the agriculturists to come back toward the field, that is, the economic miracle caused a great agricultural exodus due to the propagandas you disorder, ' ' the speech is the place where if it can observe the relation between language and ideology, understanding itself as the language it produces sensible for sujeitos' ' (ORLANDI, 2003, P. 17). With the disordered habitacional increase in the great cities, referencialmente in Porto Alegre, the periodical Post office of the People make reference to reference the project ' ' Renascena' ' , where in the periodic one they are detached the advantages of the city concerning infraesturuas and no moment cites the removed families.